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Oil and gas: A Performance Analysis

Oil and gas industry is one of the backbone of not only the country’s economy, but also a driver of the economy in many different parts of the world. Oil is one of the most essential raw materials used in almost all other factors of production. The global economy cannot perform without the oil and gas industry which enable it to extract and refine petroleum. The oil industry has evolved for almost five thousand years where early inventors used oil to make boats waterproof in Middle East as well as painting.

Data Collection Tool: Questionnaire,Childhood obesity in south Florida

Childhood obesity in south Florida has become a health care problem that can no longer be ignored. The data collection tool that can be used to collect adequate material about childhood obesity is questionnaires. Questionnaires will enable the researcher to ask specific questions to a parent/caregiver. The questions will be created in a way that they address the issue of childhood obesity. Parents/caregivers are the ideal respondents to the questionnaires as they are the primary caregivers and responsible for the child’s health.

Procurement Route successful completion of a project

This is a report that will provide advice on selecting the right procurement route for the redevelopment project. A major aspect in the successful completion of a project normally depends on the procurement route that is selected. There is a need for planning to be done right from the initiation stage of the project where strategies are formulated in identifying the value of money, considering the constraints and risks. Choosing a procurement route depends on the priorities that are required for the project such as the nature of the project, cost, quality, time, market conditions, risk avoidance, competition, and experience among others.

Healthy People 2020 Website

HIV was first identified in 1983 by scientists. However, HIV-I was found to be surprisingly, an old disease with three separate subtypes M, N, and O. The best guess by scientists is that the condition is a precursor of the common subtype M virus that originated from Cameroon Chimpanzees to humans. This was even before 1930. A Virologist Dr. Bette Kroeber from Losse Alamos National Lab used samples of tissues infected by HIV tissues within a period of three decades. He calculated that the ancestral form of HIV began spreading in almost 80 years ago. The transfer of this virus from chimps to humans happened shortly after this period.

Cancer leading killers in the United States

Cancer is one of the leading killers in the United States (CDC). Various treatment therapies are used in the management of cancer. These include chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Management of cancer is a long-life process where end of life care is fundamental. Research has underscored the importance of multidisciplinary management of cancer and individualized management of side effects. Cancer diagnosis varies and often depends on medical history and physical examination of the patient. Numerous tests are required to determine whether a patient has cancer.

Globalization in Britain

Globalization as a phenomenon has widely been discussed from the pessimistic point. Many articles that have been written on the topic have wavered away from the positive effects that globalization has had on the British society. The word loss has variously been negated, but my look at globalization looks at the word from an optimistic direction to find out what are the good that the Britons have gained from some of the losses that have had due to the phenomenon of globalization.

Information Technology in Health

Interoperability refers to exchange and use of information between two or more applications, system or components. Basically, HCIT interoperability solutions are aimed at speeding access to information, reduce redundant data entry and to create a real time flow of information. In the deeper sense, it makes Electronic Medical Records software easier to implement, can collect real time transaction information for improved operations and it will integrate current applications in health care with future acquisitions.

Different Aspects of Information Systems

The differences between HIIPA and the privacy act of 1974 occur because of the specificity of HIIPA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIIPA) Act of 1996 applies to health information created and maintained by the providers of healthcare who engage in some kind of electronic transactions, healthcare clearinghouses and in health plans. The act provides that standards for the protection of personal health information or the protected health information. The act has standardized the exchange of electronic health information.

Institutional Research and Reports

When submitting reports of study you have in mind various factors. You should consider the audience that is going to read the report. Different report formats are narrative, report memos, top-line reports, bullet reports, web reports, dashboards, presentations, and ad hoc request.

The Conflict Theory by George Simmel

Critique: that conflict causes or modifies associations are true. I agree with George S. theory and affirm that the theory spells out more and does not just mean that peace comes only through conflict or war. Through conflicts, one of parties or both parties will always come to an agreeing level. The basis of the unifying aspect of conflict is the historical past attainment where along with the unifying factors; there were other factors that primarily were against the unity. There are almost always two opposing factors that are in constant conflict even as an individual seeks to establish harmony. The same also exists in societies when a certain state of harmony is to be achieved.

Face To Face: Flanders, Florence and Renaissance Painting

This is a critic to the new main show at the Huntington library, Face To Face: Flanders, Florence and Renaissance Painting. This exhibition brings about 35 works of art to show how Flemish paintings contributed to the renaissance Florence at the Huntington library[1].This exhibition is open to the public and runs until January 2014. The artworks being exhibited feature the works of artists such as Hans Memling, Pietro Perugino, Jan Van Eyck and Domenico Ghirlandaio all from the Huntington Era and others being drawn from other institutions in the US and Europe.

Economic Impact of Global Warming-diplomatic tensions among the countries

Global warming has great economic implications on all the countries across the globe. These implications may be both negative and positive, but most of the work that has been done concerning the topic only come with the adverse negative effects the phenomenon has or will have in the short term and in the long term. This paper will explore both sides of the consequence of the phenomenon on a global perspective.

Introduction Writing-Amit Thakur second semester of the second year in mechanical engineering

My name is Amit Thakur. I am from India and in my second semester of the second year in mechanical engineering at Yale University. Since I started taking courses in writing I have learnt a lot and developed interest in the skill of writing. There are different methods of writing, and I have practiced a lot through the various assignments that we have been getting from the concerned instructors and from the articles that I have been writing for personal practice.

Memo Analysis-information technology infrastructure in the office

The piece in question is a memo that is being written to the staff in the office concerning new software that has been brought in for testing. The piece was written to outline the features of the new software so that the office staff can weigh it against whatever they are currently using. The writer of the piece seems to be the one who is conversant with the details, of software, or he is the person in the office who handles the technicalities that are concerned with the information technology infrastructure in the office or the department.

Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation in New York

The community around the city is prone to a variety of disasters. The city can be hit at any time by storms, fires, epidemics, terrorist attacks, severe weather conditions such as storms, blizzards, snow storms, heat wave, and even by riots. With the population of the city being as it is and the number of people who can be found at a given place at one single moment, if any of the above mentioned events happens, then the number of casualties can be in the hundreds to tens of thousands going by the past disaster figures.