Chronic Care Management Software Solutions

Wi4 Corporation provides holistic care management software solutions to help patients with chronic conditions better manage their health. We design software to engage patients in their care, empower them to make decisions about their health, and connect them with the resources they need to stay healthy. Wi4 Corporation's software solutions are used by leading healthcare organizations across the country. Our products are evidence-based and have been proven to improve patient outcomes. Wi4 Corporation is committed to providing the best possible care for our customers and their patients.


Telemedicine in Rural Areas

Wi4’s robust team of developers familiar with various programming languages and development frameworks helps in the development of a custom solution that is tailored to the specific needs of our client. We have year’s of expereince with the telemedicine in rural areas.


How To Solve When Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi Issue

Do you want the best printer support for Brother Printer not connecting to WiFi Issues? Contact +1-855-277-9993 our specialist right away. They will offer immediate solutions and troubleshoot problems with the printer that won't connect to Wi-Fi. There are numerous causes of Brother Printer connectivity problems, including wireless network not connecting to the printer, slow internet, printer driver issues, wireless range problems, etc. Therefore, you are free to get in touch with our printer expert right now!


How Hidile helps to develop your business online

Who are we?

Control your business confidently and create a top-quality online presence using the assistance of Hidile. We can offer you a variety of software solutions with the highest quality possible and will make your company's presence on the internet amazingly effective.

Our team is composed of skilled and experienced engineers who have the help by IIM Graduates Group. IIM Graduates Group to furnish the most accurate business statistics as well as the most creative designers to provide the highest quality service for our customers. We're committed to creating top-quality software for a low price, and giving you the strategies for success to sustain business growth for the long run.

Through the years of rich experiences, we've come to understand our strengths and strongly believe that our customer satisfaction is the ideal metric to judge our performance. Our branches are located in India, UAE, Qatar as well as UK (having activities within India) We support business owners across the world by providing efficient digital engineering solutions that provide the latest technology. Join us with an efficient solution from our main branch . You can discover the most reliable software firm situated in Calicut, Kerala with a one word.

Areas we serve

Ecommerce Development Service

Ecommerce Development Service is the procedure of creating an online site for a company. This site can be accessed from any location by people around the globe and provides an easy method of purchasing products online.

The website for e-commerce should have a an appealing and distinctive design that will entice the buyer. It must also be interactive and offer a pleasant shopping experience.

Web Application Development

This is a process of developing an application on a computer that utilizes web browsers. This kind of program is typically employed to create online forms such as content management systems, shopping carts, and other applications that provide information to the users.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application Development is the method of creating, coding as well as testing and developing applications for mobile devices, like tablets, smartphones and wearables. It is the process of developing mobile apps that can be scalable, secure as well as maintainable and work well across different platforms.

Web Design Service

Hidle's web design solution helps build a website that looks great and is compatible with all devices. The service includes: user-experience (UX) design and interface design as well as search engine optimization, and the creation of content.


Training is essential for the success of an organization. It aids in developing and maintaining employees' abilities, increase morale, boost business performance and decrease turnover among employees. It also assists companies in meeting the requirements of compliance with laws and regulations by obtaining certifications for specific industries.

Website: https://hidile.com/


State of Monetisation In Gaming and Seller Defined Audiences - Voiro Podcast

State of Monetisation In Gaming and Thoughts On Seller Defined Audiences. Here, Kavita Shenoy and Anil Karat talk about in-game advertising and uncover the potential for growth as well as SDAs and what the future holds for the advertising industry at large. Request a demo to learn and see how Voiro's analytics suite can transform your business.


ams OSRAM Combine Illumination and Sensing with Optimized Products Electronica 2022Ams OSRAM Combine Illumination and S

https://www.futureelectronics.com/m/ams-osram. If you require optical solutions for sensing or imaging, then ams OSRAM combine illumination and sensing with optimised products. Watch the changes since last Electronica, and at the forefront are the developments in optical sensing. We focussed on the Mira 220 imaging chip and module which allow a complete integrated system to allow easy design and time to market. https://youtu.be/gp2rVf40cA0


Important Details of NETGEAR Orbi AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 System

An amazing piece of gear for your home's router configuration is the Orbi Dual-Band AX1800. The system has been discussed by users to give a quick rundown of the aspects that make it stand out from the competitors. This Wi-Fi system avoids the requirement for any sort of buffering that could happen when utilizing the internet since it makes use of a distributed network of access points.


How does Azure deal with privacy, security, and compliance? - ECF Data

Now more than ever, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure is essential. Data protection and privacy have been a long-standing issue, with personal information at risk for many years. Companies and organizations of all kinds have collected, manipulated, and shared our data for their gain. However, this problem is exacerbated in the digital age due to global internet usage.


Renesas - a Broadline Semiconductor Manufacturer now with RISC-V Solutions Electronica 2022

https://www.futureelectronics.com/m/renesas. RISC-V is an open-source architecture and Renesas has recently released a 64 bit MCU with 1 Ghz performance. We discussed with SteffanoPassoni and Markus Vomfelde how RISC-V is perfect for IoT Edge solutions or optimizing motor control to save energy. https://youtu.be/MW4bNiPSNo8