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Family Dynamics and Communication

She expected to go back to her secretarial job after the end of the 3 months leave, but she could not manage to leave her child under day care. She did not trust anyone with her child and decided to leave her job that she had been part of for three years.

B. communication: frequently talked with her husband. She experienced changes with her friend’s communication since she spent a lot of time with her child. She only spoke to one of her friends who also had a baby after her. They shared ideas.

C. impact of the child to relationship: had a positive impact.

Parent 2: a.) Least expected changes.

Application Paper,Distribution of Power within the Political Community

In this chapter, Max Weber zeros in on the different perspectives of power in the society especially in political circles. While some people pursue power because of the sheer value it has, others perceive power as a platform for attaining honor in the society. According to Max Weber, “some people in the society connect power to honor”. (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010) In essence, this means that powerful people are considered in a unique way compared to other individuals. This is why some people crave immensely for power especially in the political community. Apart from social honor, Max Weber evaluates power from the perceptive of personal interest.

The Issue of Having Robots in Our Society

The rapid change in technology dependency and information and communication technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Today, people are experiencing and seeing all kinds of interventions that were only thought to exist in cartoons. There are different kinds of robots that can act and perform different actions and this has been made possible by the advancement in technology. The society has greatly changed because of the technological changes.

Employee Benefit that Drive Performance

When an organization is trying to reach its goals and objectives, it is necessary to raise and maintain high performance among the employees. The leadership team of the organization normally has an important duty in ensuring that the levels of employee performance remain high. When trying to drive the performance of the employees, it is necessary for the employer to look at the environment that the employee is working. The aim of this paper is to focus on employee benefits driving performance, how change management need to be implemented in the workplace, and the need for research and implementation will have an impact on the business.

The Methodological Position of Symbolic Interactionism

I concur with the viewpoints of the author as presented in the entire chapter. This is because the different elements of the society contribute immensely towards determining the character of human beings. In essence, this can be linked to the influential role of the surroundings on the behavior of people. Some social components might have positive implications on the character of people. In contrast, some components of the society could have deleterious or undesirable implications on the overall character of people. This is an aspect that exemplifies the validity of the viewpoints of Hebert Blumer in the text (Appelrouth, 2010).

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a term broad accepted to refer to a collection of chronic respiratory diseases which cause fixed airflow obstruction such as emphysema and bronchitis (Clancy and Turner, 2013). The condition is not reversible, but its progression can be slowed with the correct treatment and the management of symptoms can be managed (Bades, 2012). This paper looks at COPD, its occurrence and its relationship to smoking and how it can be managed through nursing interventions.

The Current State of IT in Dell Corporation

Dell Corporation is the largest and among the well-known makers of Personal computers in the world. Dell’s exceptional performance in the recent years shows the company’s innovative responses to the vital competitive factor in the industry of personal computer through the value of time. This article presents interview responses from Dell Executives leaders who are familiar with the strategic use of Information Technology for the company to gain competitive advantage in the market.

Salary for warehouse workers in California

On average, a warehouse worker in US earns $26 thousand annually translating to $ 12.39 per hour. The national hourly rates range from $ 8.65 to $ 16.41. In California warehouse wages differ considerably. The difference depends on various factors such as the general population and competitiveness in the market. For example in Fresno, CA, the average annual salary for a water house worker is $ 29,610. The worker also enjoys various benefits including social security ($ 2,310), disability ($ 211), healthcare ($ 6507), pension (1932) and time off ($ 3,716). In Daly City, warehouse workers worker earn an average salary of $ 34, 727 and enjoys benefits such as social security (2,709), disability (248), healthcare (6507), pension (2266) and time off (4359). In San Jose, the base salary of a warehouse worker is $ 34,756, and the worker enjoys social security benefits (2711), disability (28), healthcare (6507), pension (2268) and time off. This adds up to $ 52, 886 annually.

Health Care Economics

This paper looks into the main terms used in healthcare economics. The definition of these economic terms will help to understand the various elements that in healthcare economics. The latest innovations are those technologies that we aim to facilitate so as to lead to lower costs, greater choices and high quality cost of healthcare. The desire of many Americans is to see a downward trend and stable prices of healthcare costs that have over the years been escalating to greater heights. High quality healthcare service is also expected by Americans.

Corporate Identity Components

Corporate identity involves the different aspect of an organization that distinguishes it from the rest. Corporate identity affects different aspects of a corporate such as a competitive advantage, the relationship with suppliers, and access of finance, employees’ motivation, and the staffing process. The process of developing a corporate identity requires a well planned and coordinated approach.

Art,Pieter Aestern (1508- 1575) is one of the famous artist in Northern Europe.

Pieter Aestern (1508- 1575) is one of the famous artist in Northern Europe. One of his famous works is titled The Meat Stall (Charles & Marlena, 2012). The foreground of the pictures portrays images of slaughtered and dressed meat in a shed.This painting appears to celebrate the abundance of food and prosperity. At the background, the painting portrays a family getting ready to take dinner.

Regulatory Measures,voluntary ethical standards for employees to adhere.

Federal sentencing guidelines for organization (FSGO) were established in order to put in place voluntary ethical standards for employees to adhere. It is a law that was formed so that to provide fairness, and certainty in sentencing and also to avoid unwarranted sentencing disparities. US sentencing commission did promulgate the guidelines that would govern the imposition of sentences by the judges of the federal on the organizational defendants (Ferrell, et al 2011).

Moral Philosophy,applied in business on a practical level in determining the way to discipline employees

Moral philosophy is described as the moral judgment or the value which is placed on decisions regarding what is wrong or right, just or unjust, or good or bad. Moral philosophy can be applied in business on a practical level in determining the way to discipline employees who tend to behave against the accepted norms of the culture of the organization. Having the code of ethics in place and the business emphasizing on ethical behavior, the employees will know how they must act when they are faced with certain dilemmas and also understand the consequences of their actions (Barcalow, 2007).

Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard

Six Sigma, balanced scorecard, and triple bottom are models that have been developed so that to capture behavioral and structural ethical performance of the organization. The two models that will be discussed in this assignment include balanced scorecard and Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a model that is designed so that to manage process variations, which tend to cause defects defined as unacceptable from the target and to systematically work towards managing the variations so that to eliminate the defects (Tang, et al 2007). Balance scorecard is a management system that tends to focus on all the elements which contribute to the performance and success of an organization which include customer, financial, market, and also internal processes.

Implementation of Computerized Physicians Order Entry Using Lewin’s Change

Technological advancement across different spheres of the society calls for industries to adopt different technologies to ease their work. The healthcare industry is no different. Nurses need to adopt up-to-date technologies that simplify their work, with regard to patient care. Change is an inevitable process, and healthcare professionals may find themselves in situations where they have to adopt a new change so as to enhance patient care and service delivery. The problem of medication errors continues to affect many nurses. There is a need for healthcare facility to adopt technologies such as the computerized physicians order entry (CPOE) to eradicate handwritten prescriptions and instructions by physicians.


Before starting a class, I take time to read my lesson plan and think of a better ways to teach to my students. Here, I outline the learning objectives and indicate the various activities for students to do and learn during the class. I will also brain storm on what I expect my students to learn at the end of the class. I also think about my students as individuals and each one of them having his or her pace of learning. I will structure my curriculum and class activities to fit the specific student's needs.

Path physiological Mechanism of Asthma

Asthma is considered as a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways which is involved with a complex interaction of airflow obstruction, underlying inflammation, and bronchial hyperresponsiveness. Asthma exacerbations are exaggerated lower airway response to the environmental exposure. The inflammation mechanism is asthma may be subacute, acute, or chronic, and the presence of mucus secretion and airway edema may contribute to bronchial reactivity and airway obstruction. The presence of bronchial hyperactivity and airway hyperresponsiveness in asthma is exaggerated response to the numerous endogenous and exogenous stimuli (Tunnicliffe, & Stanley, 2008).