Delivering Quality Measurement and Automation Across Industries

Sino Instrumentation is a leading Chinese instrumentation manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. The company offers a wide range of measurement and automation products for monitoring and controlling industrial processes.

Some key industries adopting Sino-Inst's solutions include:

Oil & Gas: Flow, level, pressure and analytical instruments for upstream and downstream applications.

Chemical: Specialty devices that withstand harsh conditions in polymer, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical plants.

Power: Instrument transformers, transmitters and recorders supporting power generation, transmission and distribution.

Water/Wastewater: Flow meters, pumping systems and SCADA for municipal and industrial water treatment.

Metals & Mining: Corrosion-resistant instrumentation for processes like smelting, refining and materials handling.

Sino-Inst stands out for reliable, cost-effective instrumentation portfolio as well as an expert local technical team providing post-sales support.

Industry professionals can depend on Sino-Inst as a single-sourced solution provider delivering exceptional measurement accuracy, quality and service life.

A Leader in Immersive Technical Visualization Solutions

ESimTech is a global solutions provider that develops innovative simulation and animation tools. Leveraging technologies such as virtual reality, 3D modeling, and physics engines, ESimTech creates interactive applications that convey complex technical processes in an intuitive visual format.

The company's diverse suite of tools finds widespread adoption across multiple high-risk and asset-intensive industries:

Oil & Gas: Animations and simulators for drilling, pipelines, productions and maintenance training.

Manufacturing: Assembly simulations, equipment operation trainers, and defect visualization.

Utilities: Infrastructure design reviews, emergency response simulations, and inspection/maintenance planning.

Mining: Simulated heavy equipment operation, remote operations training, and special procedures instruction.

Engineering/Construction: Project collaboration platforms, work procedure simulations, and virtual prototyping.

By bringing even the most intricate operations and workflows to life, ESimTech's solutions drive exponential improvements in areas like training, stakeholder communication, and collaboration.

Their unrivaled expertise and focus on customizable, real-world applicable tools makes ESimTech a premier partner for technical visualization initiatives seeking to revolutionize how processes are understood and excellence is achieved.

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Aegean College is a private Educational Institution based in Athens Metropolitan Center and holds a strong presence in Piraeus and Larisa, Thessaly. Offers Bachelor's and Master's academic programmes in collaboration with british universities on the following fields of study: Business Administration, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Shipping, Hotel & Tourism and Computing.