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Response Paper-process in which information is encoded, stored and retrieved.

Memory is the process in which information is encoded, stored and retrieved. Memory development begins from infancy through to adulthood. Psychologists such as Jean Piaget present several stage of cognitive development that varies based on a person’s age. In the first three years of a child’s life, the declarative memory becomes advanced as the child acquires permanent life skills such as riding a bicycle. A child also can acquire episodic memories, which reflect on his or her personal experiences. However, these memories are bound to fade as the child grows older. At the age of 2-7years, a child acquires knowledge through pretend play (Parkin, 2013).

My Favorite Place-New York City has amazing sights to visit.

New York City is my favorite place, and it has amazing sights to visit. This is a city where various activities go on all day and night. It is filled with bright lights and different types of mass transportation. The view of this city is amazing with various skyscrapers. I love New York City because it is distinct in the fact that it is diverse. There are different kinds of people living in this city and people relate well with each other because of the structure of the city. Living in New York City is easy and also fun because the city is considered to be having the finest mass transportation system.

Video Games Do Not Affect Children’s Behavior

Technological advancements have resulted to the emergence of videos games. A video game is an electronic game that produces two or more dimensional images and involves human and user interface interaction. Video games are the trending attraction to children as traditionally play activities take a back seat. There have been rising concerns that video games are detrimental to a child’s well-being. This concern has arisen with the rise of different genres of video games.

Definition of Terms-young people to participate outside the traditional school activities.

After school programs: These are activities that are organized with the purpose of inviting young people to participate outside the traditional school activities. They are programs that can be offered outside or inside the school building or at any other place in society. These programs are a cornerstone of cultivating young people’s future life by giving them experience with leadership and skills to deal with adults in the society, (Lauver, S. (2012).

Human Cancer From Environmental Pollutants

The author researches on the concept of human cancer from environmental pollutants. Results show that there is an increased risk of mesothelioma among individuals who are exposed to asbestos. Based on the literature examined by the article, it is clear that there has been an increase in risk of lung cancer from the outdoor air pollution. It is estimated that about 10.7 percent of the population of lung cancer results from urban air pollution in the society.

Management Information Systems

The integration of effective security systems into a business is a vital aspect that contributes immensely towards efficiency. In the modern world, there are numerous security challenges facing different kinds of businesses across the globe. The prevention or mitigation of such security perils is massively crucial towards bolstering the performance of the business. In view of such implications, it is more or less imperative that any business organization develops adequate platforms for the enhancement of information systems security.

Why Do People Consume So Much Fast Food?

There has been a rising trend in the consumption of fast foods, otherwise known as convenience-style foods (Stead & Adamson, 2012). The shift towards fast food consumption is occurring at a time when global obesity is on the rise. Nutritional profiling studies indicate that the nutritional value of typical fast foods is inappropriate, with respect to the recommended daily energy and nutrient intake. Increased meal-sizes, poor balance of nutrients and poor ordering decisions are factors related to fast foods that have the potential to influence energy balance and, hence, long-term nutritional and health outcomes.

Family Nurse Practitioner

I am an endoscopy nursing working full time at a hospital in Miami, Florida. I am currently pursuing my master in nursing education, and I expect to acquire essential theoretical and practical training in preparation for taking more demanding duties as a nursing care professional in the future. I then expect to further my studies and acquire a post master’s degree so as to be certified and licensed as a family nurse practitioner. Five years from now, I expect to be a qualified family nurse practitioner with a specialty in endoscopy.

Leadership And Corporate Culture

The goal of the leaders in an organization has been considered as increasing production and profits. Leaders are considered as being responsible of ensuring ethical conduct and standards of morals. In order to have ethical leadership, there is a need for ethical leaders. Leaders who are ethical help in ensuring that ethical practices are carried out in the organization.