Book keeper Langlay Surrey

Taxlink CPA and Book Keeper Langley offer comprehensive bookkeeping and tax services for individuals and businesses in Langley. Book Keeper Langley provides customized bookkeeping services for small businesses, while Taxlink CPA offers tax planning, preparation, and filing services.


Taxation on Employee Stock Option Plan

Section 2(37) of Companies Act, 2013 defines “employees stock option” which means, ‘the option given to the directors, officers or employees of the company or of its holding or subsidiary company or companies, if any, which gives such directors, officers or employees, the benefit or right to purchase, or to subscribe for, the shares of the company at a future date at pre-determined price.


Savings Account Calculator

Are you looking to save up for a big purchase or build an emergency fund? A savings account can be a great tool for helping you achieve your financial goals. But with so many different savings account options available, how can you determine which account will help you reach your savings goals the fastest? That's where a savings account calculator comes in handy.


UK Assets Group

Address: Coppergate House 10 Whites Row London E1 7NF

Phone: 020 3035 3629

UK Assets Group is an impartial investment comparison and also suitability service provider. We scour the markets and also conduct due diligence and also investment suitability studies in order to bring UK investors the latest and also safest investment opportunities. We do not provide investment advice and all of our customers make their own minds up as to whether the investment is suitable for them and also their investment needs and goals.


Seylan Bank | Banks in Sri Lanka

Seylan Bank PLC is a Public Limited Liability company incorporated in Sri Lanka in 1987. The bank focuses on conventional commercial banking and operates from its Head Office in Colombo through its islandwide network of branches. Throughout our history we have placed customer aspirations at the heart of everything we do. Our long-term success is built on a firm foundation of excellence in corporate governance, a well- developed culture of prudent risk management, accountability and integrity.


Revolutionizing the BFSI Industry Unleashing the Power of Business Transformation

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