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Oil Purifier and Dehydrators

Discover the efficiency of PowerFlow's XLP oil purifier. Removes up to 100% of particulate, free and dissolved water, and gases. It is also the most user-friendly oil purifier ever built. Purchase or rent yours today.

Improving Machine Performance and Service Life with Oil DehydratorsPurifiers and Conditioners

Discover the importance of oil purifiers and conditioners in enhancing industrial machinery performance and longevity. Learn how these specialized devices effectively remove contaminants and stabilize oil properties, leading to improved lubrication, extended equipment lifespan, and cost savings. Explore the benefits of incorporating oil purification and conditioning into your maintenance routine to optimize machine operations and protect valuable investments. Read more at

Unlocking Efficient Dissolved Gas Control for Non-Aqueous Liquids with 3M Liqui-Cel SuperPhobic SP Series Membrane Con

Unlock the potential of advanced gas transfer technology with Liqui-Cel SuperPhobic Membrane Contactors from 3M. These compact, cutting-edge devices are reshaping industries such as inks, paints & coatings, medical, testing, semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing. Featuring a hydrophobic SuperPhobic membrane and precise dissolved gas control, elevates product quality and operational efficiency. Explore how these contactors are reshaping various processes and why they are game changers in industries that demand precision and dependability.

Oil Purifiers and Dehydration Systems

Our Oil Purification Systems were created to meet various purification needs. Our lube and hydraulic purifiers consist smart features like dry claw vacuum pump to decrease the burden of maintenance. This innovative design offers value and efficiently removes dissolved gases, emulsified water, and high flow particulates.

Revolutionizing Dissolved Gas Control with 3M™Liqui-Cel™EXF Series Membrane Contactor

Experience a groundbreaking shift in dissolved gas control with the 3M™Liqui-Cel™EXF Series membrane contactors. Discover its remarkable adaptability, unrivaled performance, and efficient design benefits in our informative blog post. Embrace a future where industrial processes are optimized for sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Elevate your operations with 3M's cutting-edge membrane contactor technology today!