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Hydac AM Series Water Absorbing Filter Elements

Aquamicron® filter elements are specially designed to separate free water from mineral oils. They are only supplied in the dimensions of HYDAC return line filter elements from size 330 and larger. This means that they can be installed in all HYDAC filter housings from size 330, fitted with return line filter elements. The increasing pressure…


Hydac Optimicron Filter Elements

Discover HYDAC OptiMicron Power Series cartridge filter elements from Powerflow Fluid Systems. These high-performance filters ensure efficient and reliable filtration, extending the lifespan of your hydraulic system. Choose from a range of options tailored to your specific needs. Order now and optimize your filtration process for maximum productivity and performance.


Understanding and Evaluating Lube and Hydraulic Oil Purification Systems

An Oil Purification System can be very beneficial to any business that relies on lubricated or hydraulically operated machinery. Fluid health is critical to machine health. Industrial data suggests that the health and reliability of the machinery used by a business correlate to productivity, profit, safety and environmental metrics. Consider the impact that could be realized by making a wise investment in an Oil Purification System.



There two fundamental categories of disposable cartridges. These are surface filters and depth filters. Each exploits fundamental filtration mechanisms in different ways to target contaminants. Surface filters use direct interception to capture rigid solid particles on their surfaces and build a filter cake that helps improve filtration over time. Depth filters use all three filtration mechanisms to trap and retain rigid and semi-solids particles when there is a broad particle size distribution that maximizes utilization of its many layers. Understanding this basic concept and the contaminants to be targeted prior to selecting a filter cartridge will improve the odds that the filter will produce the desired results efficiently. Know filters and let the contaminant dictate the type you use.