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Future of metaverse: How will it transform the workplace

The future of metaverse can transform training and skill development by considerably reducing the time required to develop and acquire new skills. AI-enabled digital coaches could offer career guidance and help train employees. It is especially beneficial for training in high-risk areas, where an immersive learning experience can simulate the real world while eliminating health and safety issues. Furthermore, the metaverse can help to improve employee performance and reduce training costs.

NFT 2.0: The next version of NFT you must know

NFT 2.0 is closely related to the first version of NFTs. In fact, NFT 2.0 operates seamlessly with NFT 1.0, incorporating the existing NFT infrastructure with new capabilities. NFT 2.0 can be viewed as an extension of NFT 1.0 rather than a completely new concept. While NFT 1.0 allows ownership of unique tokenized digital assets, NFT 2.0 broadens the possibilities by creating a new digital asset market with enhanced utilities (NFT use cases). Also, the most recent version of the NFT allows its owners to do more with their tokenized items. It enables players to interact and play around with their acquired digital assets. These assets can range from rare digital artwork to in-game objects, music, in-game items, tickets and other digital items.


Kushtena is a fast-paced, trick-taking card game that is great for improving one’s card skills. It is played in two teams and features elements of Arabian culture, with accordion music, cards adorned with exotic faces and embelished with old-world jewelry. This game is suitable for both adults and children and is full of excitement and competitiveness, making it an adrenaline-filled activity. The multiplayer app includes options for both public and private game rooms, as well as voice and text chat features so you can connect with friends and combat boredom. In addition to being a fun way to relax, Kushtena also helps to develop strategic thinking and teamwork skills.

A super-fun combination of defense and invasion 3D strategy game

Scrap'em: Alien Invasion Defense Attack strategy is a fun-packed 3D tower defense game full of action. The players must be braced to defend the Earth from waves of alien invaders. The game is catered toward a single-player audience and includes multiple levels played across three different maps. The goal of the game is to defend the Research Facility Centre from the alien that is marching onto the field, and you need to chop them to bits by placing defensive towers along their route. In this game, the players are challenged to rethink their strategies and employ different towers to complete the mission. A super-fun combination of defense and invasion strategy game.