NFT 2.0: The next version of NFT you must know

NFT 2.0 is closely related to the first version of NFTs. In fact, NFT 2.0 operates seamlessly with NFT 1.0, incorporating the existing NFT infrastructure with new capabilities. NFT 2.0 can be viewed as an extension of NFT 1.0 rather than a completely new concept. While NFT 1.0 allows ownership of unique tokenized digital assets, NFT 2.0 broadens the possibilities by creating a new digital asset market with enhanced utilities (NFT use cases). Also, the most recent version of the NFT allows its owners to do more with their tokenized items. It enables players to interact and play around with their acquired digital assets. These assets can range from rare digital artwork to in-game objects, music, in-game items, tickets and other digital items.

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