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AIS Windows’ New Regal Series Aluminium Windows and Doors

Step into a world where architecture meets sustainability, and learn how the fusion of design and eco-consciousness is revolutionizing the built environment. Discover the importance of net-zero buildings, biophilic design, and green infrastructure, and gain insights into how sustainable architecture positively impacts both the planet and the well-being of its occupants.


Capgemini Development Center Airoli, Mumbai | WFM Media

Experience the synergy of technology and creativity at Capgemini Development Center in Airoli, Mumbai. Discover their agile development methodologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and diverse team of skilled professionals. Learn how this center drives digital transformation for clients worldwide, delivering customized solutions and pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities.


Innovative Façade for Energy Efficient Buildings

Discover the latest trends in innovative facade solutions for energy-efficient buildings. Our comprehensive collection of articles and resources delves into cutting-edge technologies, materials, and design approaches that maximize energy savings and enhance sustainability. Explore how these innovative facades contribute to creating greener buildings and reducing environmental impact while offering superior thermal performance, optimized daylighting, and improved occupant comfort.


Need for Skylights & Effective Fenestration | WFM Media

WFM Media's article on the need for skylights and effective fenestration highlights the benefits of maximizing natural light in buildings. Our article provides insights into how skylights and other fenestration solutions can improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance indoor comfort. With our commitment to sustainable design and construction, we offer a range of skylights and fenestration products that can help you optimize the performance of your building. Visit our website to read the full article and learn more about our products and services.


Our Expansion Plans for the Glass Industry | WFM Media

WFM Media's expansion plans are focused on meeting the increasing demand for high-quality glass industry products. Our plans are designed to capitalize on growth opportunities and deliver value to our customers through innovation and sustainability. With our state-of-the-art facilities and team of experts, we are well-positioned to help you succeed in the competitive glass industry. Visit our website to learn more about our expansion plans and see how we can help you achieve your business goals.


A Complete Guide to Comprehensive Façades Design buildings | WFM M

Transform your building design with our expert guide to comprehensive facades design. We provide in-depth insights into the latest facade design trends and technologies, as well as tips and strategies for achieving optimal building performance. Whether you're a seasoned architect or a novice builder, our guide has something for everyone.


Fire Safety facades | The basic Guidelines | WFM Media

Discover the key principles that underpin the Fire Safe Façade guidelines, which include fire-resistant materials, proper ventilation, and the use of fire-rated glass. By following these guidelines, building owners and operators can ensure the safety of occupants and the long-term durability of the building façade.