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Why a backup strategy for Office 365 is essential

Backup is always the responsibility of the company that creates the data. Backups are important because they provide an alternative in case the worst-case scenario occurs. You are your pass to get out of jail. There are several reasons why backups are an integral part of your security strategy. Ransomware Once your business is infected with ransomware, all documents within the scope of the malware will be encrypted. After infection, decryption keys are often offered as a ransom of thousands of euros. Office 365 offers some protection against ransomware, but it's not immune to infections. Encrypted documents become inaccessible when your company is infected with ransomware. In 2019, there was approximately $7.5 billion worth of ransomware allegations in the United States alone. Average ransomware recovery costs in 2019 exceeded $84,000 per incident. A secure, ransomware-proof backup of Office 365 emails and documents can help your company save money on ransomware infections. Accidental document deletion Accidental deletion of documents and emails occurs. His Ponemon Institute study of the cost of insider threats found that the average cost of an accidental data breach by a negligent employee is $307,000 per incident. A robust document backup system saves costs associated with the loss of intellectual property, sensitive email and data, and important company documents. Malicious insider document loss Data can be lost through malicious acts as well as accidents. Some important features used while collaborating on documents. B. Version control is probably possible by privileged users or something. B. Malicious system administrators can be disabled. This makes document recovery difficult and often impossible. The secure Office 365 Backup Solutions can help mitigate data loss from malicious elements. Using third-party backup tools Office 365 does not provide integrated and robust document protection, so businesses must rely on third-party tools. According to a 2019 report by ESG, three-quarters of organizations with data recovery rates greater than 75% use third-party solutions rather than no integrated services or capabilities. Third-party tools designed for this purpose are more powerful in a myriad of backup scenarios.