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Best Practices to Keep Your Data Clean

The best practices to keep your data clean involve a series of steps, which are associated with setting up data standardisation plans, measuring those plans, backing up data regularly, executing data governance policies, and conducting quality checks more often.


What Is The Difference Between ETL And ELT In Data Processing

ETL and ELT are two different approaches to processing and integrating data from multiple sources. ETL is often used when the source data is complex and requires significant transformation before it can be loaded into the target data warehouse. ELT is often used when the source data is relatively simple and does not require significant transformation before it can be loaded into the target data warehouse. Both ETL and ELT have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of which approach to use will depend on the specific requirements of the data processing pipeline.


What exactly is programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising allows firms to reach their target consumers and accomplish their advertising objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It enables real-time ad campaign optimization and better targeting, which may lead to enhanced efficiency, better ROI, and more brand exposure. Programmatic advertising is growing more important in today’s digital environment and is expected to continue to develop in the future.


How automated web scraping is helpful for relevant data

Web scraping is helpful in getting relevant data. Typically, this process is helpful in extracting such pieces of datasets that you need from websites. Just a few codes or scripts are required to direct bots to extract relevant data, but not the entire web page. However, there are some tools that can make it easily in a few steps. But, the layout and format of various datasets won’t look similar. Therefore, you need scripting to direct bots to extract only the guided pieces of data.


How Can Data Collection Help in Satisfying Customers

Data collection can help in discovering customer intent, their pain points, preferences, and more things that they expect. With the help of web and app data extraction, you can easily find their voices. Later on, you can upgrade your offerings to maximise better experiences. This happens through data-driven business intelligence or knowledge discovery.


How Can You Quickly Convert Data Using OCR

The data can be quickly converted using AI-powered OCR technology. It is optical character recognition technology that has several tried and tested algorithms in its support. With this technology, the scanned documents are further processed. The inked characters are step by step recognised and then, clustering takes place.



Phone numbers help you reach out to authentic customers. It ensures that businesses find the real users’ details to share their marketing efforts like newsletters, offers, new launches, brand updates, etc. The verification provider sends an OTP to check if the contact is real. If it gets a positive response, it becomes an addition to the list of customers.


Different Types of Data Entry Solutions

There are multiple types of data entry solutions and services. Manual data entry, online data entry, product, catalog data entry, transcription and many other types of data entry work is there. Data cleansing, conversion, proofreading, and content writing are also its type, but these works require creativity and technical expertise.