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IoT Application Development in 2024: A Detailed Guide - IT Firms

If you're new to the world of IoT app development and want to create excellent IoT apps, then in this article, we are covering everything you need to know about IoT app development in 2024. The guide includes all the industry basics such what is IOT app development, IOT market stats, how does it work, how to monetize the app, and the steps to build an IOT app. It also includes the process to choose IoT app development companies for your project and the cost to build an IOT app.

10 Best Software Development Tools 2024 for Developers

Software application development programming tools help businesses & teams streamline, automate, speed up, and facilitate software development process. The article unveils the list of top 10 software development technologies 2024 along with other important topics. It includes the meaning of software development tools, its types, factors to consider before choosing a tool, and much more.

How Does BeReal Make Money – Guide to Build Apps like BeReal - IT Firms

BeReal came in the market in 2020 and instantly became a hit for its unique “authenticity” concept. This is the power of an USP in an already dominating market. If you are someone who wants to launch apps like BeReal, this is a perfect time to launch. The article covers the topic, how to build social photo sharing apps like BeReal, its cost, monetization strategies, and pros & cons of the app.

How Build eCommerce Apps like Temu?

Temu is one well-renowned eCommerce shopping app, which had almost 82.4 Million US-based users by September 2023. There are countless entrepreneurs, who want to build apps like Temu. With the help of this guide by ITFirms, you will be able to explore some great alternative apps and learn about Temu as well to help learn about how to process for your own application development. So let’s study and figure out the best solution.

Website Development Cost 2024

It is also tricky to understand the cost of website development as there are multiple factors that decide the final estimation. This article is a detailed guide on web development cost based on different criteria. This will help you get an idea about your requirement and how much it will cost roughly.

How to Build an AI Voice Generator App Like Speechify?

AI voice generators and text to speech apps like speechify are some important technical innovations. The technology is helping people with hearing, reading, and vision disability do things better. If you are also thinking to get into the industry and build a similar app like Speechify, then the post is at your help. The article explains how to build an AI voice generator and text to speech app like Speechify along with other significant topics.

Mobile App Development Trends 2024

As the demand for mobile apps continues to rise, the upward trajectory of trending mobile applications is also on the upswing. The dynamic shifts in the application marketplace have prompted us to delve into a discussion about sharing potential trends in the mobile application landscape. So, let's kick off this revolutionary conversation.

Top 10+ Web Development Companies in Dubai, UAE

Websites are the need of the hour for every business today, and those failing to understand this are lagging behind. Further, those who understand the importance need to look for some good website development companies. Thus, to make your work easy, we have written 10 top web development companies in UAE to consider. These firms have good experience and can deliver top notch service.