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What to do if your smartwatch can't receive push notifications

When we use a smart watch, sometimes there will be push information that the smart watch cannot receive, what should we do? The following is a summary of the problems and solutions I may encounter, hoping to help you. 1. Confirm that the APP option that needs to be pushed is enabled on the H Band notification reminder interface 2. Check whether the app notification permission is enabled in the phone system settings. 3. When there is a message, confirm that there is a pop-up application message box in the notification bar of the mobile phone. 4. The mobile phone and application message push function requires the mobile phone to keep the Bluetooth on at all times, please do not turn off the mobile phone Bluetooth. 5. If this happens to the iPhone, please check whether the Bluetooth of the mobile phone has been paired with the device (an exclamation point after the name of the Bluetooth device in the system indicates that the pairing is successful). 6. For Android phones, please check whether the App has been added to the whitelist; background permissions need to be enabled. 8. Please check whether the notification bar of the mobile phone displays the notification that needs to be pushed. If it doesn't show up, it can't be pushed to the watch.

How to Fix When Your Smartwatch Disconnects from Bluetooth

How to troubleshoot the specific problem when the Bluetooth of your smart watch disconnects repeatedly? Below are some of the methods I have summarized. 1. Please check if there is any obstacle between the device and the phone. Wearing human body and metal products can interfere with the stability of the Bluetooth connection. 2. Please check whether there are too many devices connected to the Bluetooth interface of the mobile phone system, and try to unbind other devices. 3. If the problem is still not resolved after the above operations, please try to turn on and off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone system again. 4. If the problem is still not resolved after the above operations, please restart the phone. 5. Short-distance (within 5 meters, always intermittent) connection and disconnection, consider hardware antenna issues Through the above steps, we can basically determine the specific reasons. If there is any other way to say hello please let me know.