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Importance of Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services

Point cloud to BIM solutions help surveying companies accurately measure sites and structures for better planning and clash resolution in the pre-construction stage. Construction firms and surveyors find it easier to visualize the structures through 3D models, including historical sites that lack detailed plans. Hitech CADD Services provide point cloud to BIM modeling services for enhancing building performance efficiency, load calculations, demolition analysis, damage analysis, and other tasks. Know more about the importance of these solutions here.


Hitech CADD Services completes 500 MEPF projects discusses top 4 challenges in BIM outsourcing services

Hitech CADD Services achieved a significant milestone of executing 500+ MEPF projects and saving millions of dollars and numerous project hours. As BIM projects continue to be outsourced, it is crucial to understand the challenges that come with them. Check out the article to learn about the 4 core challenges in BIM outsourcing, and best the practices to resolve them.


3D BIM Modeling for a Large Hospital Building

Leading Egyptian construction company needed to develop a detailed, accurate, and coordinated BIM model at LOD 300 for architectural, structural, and mechanical disciplines. Based on AIA industry standards and LOD 300, our team of BIM modeling experts developed an accurate coordinated 3D BIM model in Revit.


How BIM enabled Architects gain accurate Working Drawings

Complete coordination, accurate graphics, improved readability, reduced RFIs, lower change orders, quick approvals, and 360-degree visualizations are prime advantages of BIM-ready architectural working drawings. Architects can utilize effective workflows and advanced tools like Revit, Navisworks, and automation with Dynamo to speed up the 3D modeling process and extract all drawings from floor plans to elevations with ease.


Benefits of Revit Family Creation for Plumbing and Furniture Manufacturers

Plumbing and furniture manufacturers are increasingly adopting Revit Family creation services, to avoid misalignment, catch errors early, and keep projects on schedule. BIM enables manufacturers to gain real-time design collaboration, and have accurate cost estimation for better project planning. The article gives insights into what Revit does for your projects and how it benefits the manufacturers.


How the Revit-Dynamo Partnership in BIM Improves Construction Efficiencies

Time- 50% Savings Cost- 18% Savings Accuracy- 100% By deploying Dynamo with Revit, the BIM specialists at Hitech CADD Services were able to fast-track a property digitization project for a Netherlands-based company. Watch the video to learn about BIM automation solutions offered by Hitech CADD Services. For similar results, get in touch with us at [email protected]


CAD Drafting in Manufacturing 3 Key Principles

In the engineering world, drawings are king. All manufacturers need design drawings of one kind or another to make a finished part from metal, and that usually means a computer-generated CAD file. CAD engineers are constantly swamped with change orders, which results in chaos. In this article, we have explained three rules for efficient CAD drafting techniques for designers that will help you stay profitable and contemporary with your deliverables.


Point Cloud to 2D 3D Models for Heritage Building Construction

Geometrically complex heritage buildings are challenging to survey using traditional methods or 2D plans. It can be challenging to renovate structures that lack construction documents, as-built drawings, or other documentation. Point Cloud to 2D/3D modeling is an ideal solution to overcome this challenge. Check out this article to know how point cloud to BIM modeling helps to make informed decisions in the field of renovation and restoration of heritage buildings.


3 top ways casework shop drawings impact cabinet quality

Designing and manufacturing cabinets that fit perfectly into the assigned spaces is a challenging task. Manufacturers often get caught up in too many and varying inputs. Cabinet shop drawings bring all stakeholders on the same page and convey accurate design intent across teams. Check out this blog to know the top 3 ways in which casework shop drawings enhance cabinet quality.


Enhancing customer experience through Visual Configurators

Communicating the right design intent across the manufacturing value chain for any retail furniture manufacturer is critical. Any gaps in product design information exchange adversely hit the buying experience of customers and leads don’t convert. An interactive visual configurator not only closes many of these gaps but enhances the purchase experience by empowering the personalization of furniture 3D models in real time. Read more.


CAD Drawings for Balcony Manufacturers

Industry trends and developments present multiple challenges to the manufacturing sector. Things get even more complex when it comes to manufacturing a balcony wherein 100+ parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled together. Learn how CAD drawings help curb this and many other challenges for improved product deliveries.


Why you should use BIM Services for your Construction Projects

BIM services are becoming an integral part of any construction project. The use of BIM has increased because it can provide better visualization of architectural projects and help reduce errors during the construction phase. BIM services provide a lot more than just modeling services. They also provide coordination and collaboration with other team members, help in scheduling and cost estimation, provide real-time updates on the progress of project work, and make it easier to identify potential problems with designs or constructions. Explore more in what ways BIM will help your construction business.


Revit Automation for a Building Product Manufacturer

A leading building product manufacturer from the Netherlands approached Hitech CADD Services to create 100+ Revit 3D models with Revit Families and an Automated Order Quote system. The team at Hitech CADD Services analyzed the PDF, IFC, and Revit files provided by the client. Navigating around technical challenges, photo-realistic models for 100+ façade supports were generated and reinforced with a strong quote ordering system. Check out the case study to learn how Hitech CADD Services provided complete support for the client integrated with training and a user guide.


Top 5 Benefits of using CAD Software for USA Based Metal Manufacturers

With rising challenges in sheet metal fabrication, the industry is in dire need of one single platform for collaboration between teams and across organizations. CAD offers this platform for seamless collaboration and design development. Read here the top benefits of CAD platforms that USA based metal manufacturers can get by deploying CAD platforms correctly.


BIM MEP Modeling for a University Hospital Building

A project management solutions firm from Saudi Arabia needed to develop a coordinated BIM model for a University Hospital Building. They needed an accurate coordinated 3D BIM model in LOD 500 that would enable them to attain better ROIs with scheduling. Using BIM MEP Modeling services we delivered a clash-free 3D BIM model in LOD 500 to the client which helped streamline construction activities, reduce rework and save time during construction.


Top 5 BIM Benefits for Contractors During the Pre-construction

BIM plays a key role in helping contractors achieve high project efficiencies through reduced costs, lesser rework, and timely deliveries. Check out this blog and know the common problems faced by contractors during the pre-construction stage and how adopting BIM during the early stages of design can help overcome these challenges.