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Grim world-wide talent landscape

Disruptive technologies have paved way for organizations to build growth-oriented business processes. However, the industry has been unable to keep up to fulfil its demand for talent to run these processes. Technologies such as Blockchain, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence are leading industry towards increased productivity and improved bottom-line, but the industry is failing to hire talent that can work on these technologies efficiently.


The 2019 CredStar event was of proportions as magnanimous as the dominance of the company in the unified certification technology space worldwide. Top achievers were honoured with great aplomb, while the young and rising were recognized for their contribution to the rapidly unfolding success story that CredForce, has come to personify in the industry.

Why Blockchain Technology is Attracting Students and Technical Experts?

Blockchain is the current buzz and has taken over the internet by storm. With the aim to disrupt every sector, blockchain is on the way to showcase its power to the entire world. The technology offers security and ensures the safe way to store and transfer huge amounts of information across the network. Since blockchain technology is the future, the tech students are finding the technology worth making a career in.

What is a Talent Management System?

Talent management systems are a great way to strengthen the connection between the employees and to boost their productivity. In an easy breezy language, a talent management system is designed to keep track of talent within an organization. An effective TMS will be able to track data and is used to serve the professionals for a plethora of purposes that benefit the organization.

Are Credentialing Services Important?

Earning a credential is an indispensable part of the whole learning process as it is the final step where you get your knowledge approved. So basically, acquiring knowledge is perhaps in your hands but approving it is the hands of a credentialing body and the more reputed it is, the better it is for you when it comes to finding a job.

IT Jobs Growth Trajectory - 2019

2019 has brought a lot of change in the ongoing job market. As we’ve crossed the threshold of digitization, there has also been a change in the workforce. The IT jobs this year is more focused on individuals having a strong digital presence and technical knowledge.

Skills Will Pave Way for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As the world evolves, most businesses have geared up for digital information and those who take measures to upskill themselves and polish technical skills can reap the benefits of long-term success. 2018, a year of economic upheaval, brought to the table has never seen hurdles of AI, machine learning and data management. The year was also marked by a widening talent gap. The number of unfilled vacancies spiked to stratosphere and organizations got hard pressed to prepare themselves for the future shock. Reviewing existing education, training and development systems became the name of the game.