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How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally - the Easy Way

Your high cholesterol level is a concern for many reasons, not the least of which is the risk of heart disease. High cholesterol levels are linked to cardiovascular disease and stroke. If you're looking to lower your cholesterol naturally, there are several simple steps you can take that will  positively impact on your


Is Green Tea Good to Reduce Heart Disease Prevention?

For the past 5,000 years people have been harvesting and drinking tea to promote good health. Tea is a very rich source of flavonoids and antioxidants (chemical substances that protect the body for the adverse effects of oxygen and cell damaging “free radicals”) Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, c


Natural Supplements - Good for Heart Health

Natural supplements are intended to maintain health or treat health problems. Supplements can be used to address specific health needs, such as, helping your digestion, improving mental state such as moods, improving skin, making nails stronger, supporting cardiovascular systems, and even boosting immunity. Natural sup


Are supplements smart choices to lower bad cholesterol?

Keeping a health check on your cholesterol levels is essential. Cholesterol in your body is found in two forms, good and bad, HDL and LDL, respectively. When your harmful cholesterol levels shoot up, and you are trying to improvise your good levels, trying to stay away from heart disorders and strokes, you may end up l


Risk Factors and Heart Disease

During the last two years – 24 months -  nearly 800,000 people have died because of COVID. That is certainly terrible. But, during that same time period, over 1,300,000 people have died from heart disease. You and I worry about our cholesterol level -important concern, indeed. But, hyper-tension, blood pressure, irregu


A Few Good Home Remedies to Lower Bad Cholesterol

The human body needs cholesterol, and it plays an essential in building new healthy cells, without which the body couldn't function. But, not all cholesterol is the same, and everybody has good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol or "LDL" can create plaque in the arteries driving you at risk of heart attacks, strokes,


A Brief Study of Supplements and Herbs that Can Lower Cholesterol

A healthy diet is essential to having a healthy heart. Eating lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, healthy protein, and fats, including chicken, fish, olive oil, etc., can prevent heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks. It also matters how you prepare these foods, and certain herbs have proven beneficial fo


Why Should You Care About Your Cholesterol Levels?

Most of the time, cholesterol is being looked at as the ‘villain’; why? Simple-high cholesterol is a bad thing. Although cholesterol is the primary concern for our heart’s health,  it can lead to many significant complications such as stroke or heart attack. Common suggestions to avoid high cholesterol levels are cutti


How to Increase and Improvise Good (HDL) Cholesterol

Your cholesterol levels are a significant measure for ensuring optimal heart health. For "good" cholesterol, or HDL, it is a must to maintain the higher levels. HDL is the cholesterol bound to the high-density lipoprotein particles comprising fats and proteins made in the liver. They are referred to as high-density as


Foods That Help To Lower Cholesterol Levels

Health is wealth. Is your cholesterol a little higher than you would like it to be? Are you thinking of what you can do to lower it? Changes in lifestyle and foods might help. Adding healthy food items to your diet might lower LDL, the harmful cholesterol-carrying particle contributing to heart attacks and other relate



Soltea: a patented super extract from organic tea for optimal cholesterol health. You don't have to live with a broken heart. Take Soltea every morning.


How Soltea can help to Manage High Cholesterol

Is your check-up due or has your doctor told you that your cholesterol is high? Do you know if you have high cholesterol problems ? Are you aware that your diet needs some changes but not sure from where to begin? Have you heard of Soltea? Soltea dietary supplement is all-natural, caffeine-free, clinically tested, and