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How to Apply for Changing Name on Birth Certificate

Even if you have registered your birth, there is a scope to change your name on it. However, the registered name is your legal name. But, you may follow the same procedure that is prescribed for obtaining birth proof. An additional document, which is an affidavit for the change of name will be enclosed. Once issued, the applicant has to publish it in a local newspaper.


What is the Declaration of Marital Status

The declaration of single status certificate is a sworn document, which confirms that the person is single. It can be obtained from the embassy or the district magistrate in your native town, which is called a single status affidavit. It requires identity proofs of the applicant and parents to attest and verify.


Easy Tips for Certificate of Freedom to Marry Apostille

The certificate of freedom to marry is a legal proof of one’s bachelorhood, which is acceptable if it’s apostilled. This is called the legalization of the document, which is carried out by the embassy and the ministry of external affairs. They verify and then, apostille the paper to let you apply for marriage abroad.


How To Get Transcripts from Kerala University Online

It's easy to get a transcript from the University of Kerala. You need to have your all documents (in original) in place, which are ID proof, all years' scorecards, attested photocopies of your mark sheet, and duly attested photocopies of your 10th certificate or school-leaving certificate. Once collected, visit the website of your university and apply from the option there. Pay the fee, and you will receive it in 15 to 30 working days.


How Can You Get a Single Status Certificate?

The single status certificate is legal proof to solemnize marriage abroad with a foreigner. It may not be specifically issued as a certificate, but you may apply for it as an affidavit. It requires an address, nationality, and birth proofs to verify. Once done, you may get it attested from the central ministry & national and foreign embassies.


Guidelines Associated with NRI Birth Certificate

A number of guidelines are associated with the birth certificate application of the NRI. These are concerned with valid proofs of date of birth, address, parents or legal guardians, and affidavit. The applicant may consult with an experienced consultant like Services 2 NRI for understanding the challenges and applying for the birth certificate.



The USCIS has announced that NRIs can now apply for the change in status or have a green card in massive numbers in the fiscal year 2022. It is simply because the quota for skilled employees with a high degree is extended massively. Besides, NRIs have been waiting for a long time, as they needed an extension of their visas.


Common Reasons Why You Need CENOMAR

Over the past few years, the Government has been proactive in addressing the crisis in NRI relationships. A draft bill to require mandatory enrollment of relationships has been circulated by the government. While the government's decision is important, there needs to be more proactive coordination between services at both the national and international levels. The majority of NRIs who cheated on their spouses or demanded dowry are educated, people and hence there is so much focus on having the CENOMAR.



A single status certificate is called the certificate of no impediment in the USA. It can be applied online from the usembassy.go website. The applicant has to find the embassy office nearby and schedule an appointment with the consul online. Visit the place with all required documents. Then, get them attested while getting an affidavit of single status.


Best Tips to Get Non-Availability of Birth Certificate NABC

Non-availability of birth certificate is the case of unregistered birth. It requires all proofs of your birth and address. The person can apply online or visit the government office physically and fill up the form 10 for it. Enclosing authentic document, as letter issued by hospital, any witness or school ID, or passport, is must.


End-to-End Guide of Certificate Attestation in India

The certificate attestation in India is a practice of legalizing documents from the licenced or authorized authority. There are personal, educational, commercial, and other documents that one requires attesting them from the SDM, HRD of state, Ministry of External Affairs, embassies, and other ones in India.


Legal Process of Getting CENOMAR

Certificate of No Marriage is a proof of one’s single status. It is mainly used to prove the ability to solemnize marriage with a foreigner. This document is legally accepted if it’s attested or apostilled. There are certain documents like date of birth, place of birth, parents’ proof and other ones are required for legalization verification.


How Can You Get a Proof of Non-Marriage

The proof of a non-marriage is typically known as the certificate of no marriage. It is also called a CENOMAR or bachelorhood certificate. Actually, this is a piece of sworn paper, which is called a single status affidavit in many countries. This needs to be legalized by the district magistrate and local authority together with the ministry of external affairs and embassies


Tips for Embassy Attestation for Single Status Certificate

Single status certificate’s embassy attestation is must because it’s the last level of legalization that allows you to solemnize marriage abroad. Before it, one has to get it from the SDM, and then, get it attested from the MEA. Finally, the embassy comes. It ensures that the documents are original & valid


Know the basics of preparing a Rent Agreement

There are some crucial points to consider before entering into the rental agreement. There should be a proper registration of this document from the sub-registrar office for property management. If it’s for less than a year, the document may be notarized. But, over a year of rental tenure requires registration. The terms & conditions should be clearly mentioned in it.