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How to Get a Proof Demonstrating that You’re Single?

The process and requirements for obtaining a single status certificate can vary significantly depending on your location and the purpose for which you need the certificate. It is important to research the specific requirements of your jurisdiction and contact the relevant authority to obtain accurate and up-to-date information.

Why Should NRIs Invest in Indian Real Estate

NRIs should consider investing in the Indian real estate market due to its high returns, stable economy, affordable prices, increasing demand for housing, and favorable government policies. However, they must also fulfil their obligations as per the relevant regulations and laws.

How Can an NRI Consultant Help You Abroad

An NRI consultant can provide a wide range of services and support to NRIs living abroad. Whether NRIs need assistance with legal and financial matters, property transactions, cultural understanding, networking opportunities, government and regulatory requirements, or investment opportunities, an NRI consultant can help.

NRIs Legal Solutions to Pay or Not to Pay Tax in India

The non-residents of India have to go through the DTAA doctrine to know their eligibility for tax. However, the earned foreign income is taxable in India. The non-residents earn some credits if they pay tax in the foreign country. They can claim those credits during paying tax in India on the capital gains

Process to Know How NRIs Can Apply for Aadhaar Card

NRIs can apply for aadhaar card provided that they meet the eligibility criteria. The process of applying for this card is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps. You are encouraged to apply for an Aadhaar card as it serves as proof of identity and address, and is required for several government services and benefits in India.

Why Do You Need an Unmarried Certificate

An unmarried certificate is required for proving that he is married or single. It ensures that the person has no dependents. However, divorcees and widowers can also apply for it because they also are counted as single beings. It states the authentic status, which prevents polygamy cases

How Can You Get a Single Status Certificate online

In order to know more about how you can get a single status certificate, you can search online for a company or a service provider that can help you put things in order. And do remember, you must establish that you are unmarried and eligible to marry if you are marrying in a country where you do not have citizenship or immigration status.

Birth Certificate – Process Advantages How to Change Name

The process of getting a birth certificate is easier. But, it can be daunting if your birth remains unregistered. For fixing errors in it, you have to fill up the correction form on the municipal corporation website. Enclose all supporting documents to prove. Pay the requisite amount as its fee. And, finally publish it in a local gazette.  

How Can NRIs Get Married Overseas Especially in the UAE

Non-residents can get married in a foreign by submitting documents, especially the single status certificate and identity proofs. The newly introduced law of the UAE also allows non-muslim community to get married at the embassy or through a civil ceremony, given that they are 21 years of age and have all documents to verify their status.

5 Reasons Why You Need CENOMAR

Over the past few years, the Government has been proactive in addressing the crisis in NRI relationships. A draft bill to require mandatory enrollment of relationships has been circulated by the government.While the government’s decision is important, there needs to be more proactive coordination between services at both the national and international levels.

NRIs To Have Single Status Cert For Court Marriage In India

The Single status certificate is essential to have for solemnizing the court marriage in India. Like abroad, there are certain mandates that one has to follow. Out of these, the checklist of the documents is important to notice because it helps the applicants to meet no hassles in the way of the wedding.

How to Register Birth of Indians Kid Born in the USA

The birth registration of the NRIs baby in the USA would be a mandatory norm. The parents should register their kid’s birth within one year with the Indian consulate. They can visit the Ministry of Home Affairs website to apply for their kids’ birth registration. Upload the necessary documents and visit the consulate office with those documents.

Complete Process for NRIs to Get CENOMAR

The bachelorhood certificate is a necessity if one wants to get married to a foreigner. He/she has to get it through a process. Apply to the court nearby your native place. Show all documents, like birth proof, address proof, identity proof and a sworn document. Subsequently, get it notarized and attested by the magistrate, MEA and the consul.