What is a Full Stack Developer

In short, a full stack developer is an individual who is capable of working with frontend and backend development technologies. They are well versed in both web design, programming languages, databases, operating systems, and other tools essential to the successful running of a website. Put simply, they handle every aspect of developing and managing a website or application.

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What Skills Are Required?

To become a full stack developer, you will need to have knowledge in various areas ranging from user experience design and coding to server side scripting and database management. You also need to be comfortable working across different technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails. Additionally, you’ll want to be proficient in software engineering principles such as object oriented design (OOD) and Agile methodologies. Knowing the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) along with basic understanding of ecommerce platforms can also come in handy.

Working Across Technologies

Full stack developers love figuring out how things work whether it’s web servers or databases – and they love the challenge that comes with having to integrate multiple systems in order to have a finished product. In order to successfully manage multiple technologies they must have solid problem solving skills coupled with attention to detail when analysing data flows across internal networks or multiple remote servers.

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Full stack developers are highly sought after by companies today due to the diverse skill set that one needs for this role. The ability to work on both the frontend and backend components of an application allows them to create comprehensive websites that are performant, functional.

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