Live Webinar - Explore the 5 Pillars of AI Strategies to Prioritize Your Investments

Dive deep into the world of Microsoft AI with top experts from Damco Solutions and Everest Group. Join us for an engaging webinar, where we will be presenting our learnings by answering the following three questions:

— AI is overwhelming. How do I scale it across my organization? — Is there value in my AI investments beyond simply the AI itself? — What does an AI-ready organization look like?

Agenda & Key Takeaways: — Discover strategies to effectively scale AI initiatives across your organization. — Explore the hidden value in your AI investments beyond the technology itself. Learn how AI can drive innovation and transformation across your business. — Gain insights into the essential components of an organization prepared to leverage the full potential of AI. — Get acquainted with industry-leading AI platforms and tools from Microsoft, empowering you to harness the power of AI effectively. — Learn how to infuse AI into your workflows seamlessly through ecosystem architecture, enabling AI and low-code solutions across all facets of your organization.

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