Discuss the types of marketing Emails

"Some varieties of marketing Emails you can use in your campaign:

· Newsletter Email: It informs customers of current promotions, sales, and the newest offering.

· Invitation and Survey Email: Invitation email requests the reader to take action in responding to an event or sales promotion whereas Survey email is interactive, encouraging customers to provide feedback so that it can be reviewed.

· Thank-You Email: These emails should be customized to the consumer and include current and future offers, along with a small token of gratitude, such as a discount on the next purchase.

· Lead nurturing: These emails involve guiding your leads through a sales funnel and converting them into customers.

· Promotional: Promotional emails are quite common in email marketing, which is why it’s important to add more value to them by highlighting the product or service on offer and then adding some creative content about what you are selling. - For more info visit - https://www.blulex.com/qanda/

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