Decoding Cyber Defense: Navigating the Endpoint Security Landscape - Part One

Modern Endpoint Security has been here for quite a long time to protect digital assets from ever-evolving malware. These EPPs and EDRs are in a cat-and-mouse game with malware with their various evasion technics. It is like a sword vs a shield. Since EDRs are more expensive, some small and medium organizations are simply depending on EPPs to protect their digital assets. EPPs are the first line of defense. As the market is packed with lots of different EPP/EDR products, every vendor tries to convince their client by advertising their capabilities. But actions speak louder than words. So, we have decided to get our hands dirty and play with some End Point Protection systems that are popular in the Bangladeshi Market.

Target Endpoint Security

1: Trellix Endpoint Security
2: Trendmicro Antivirus Plus
3: Kaspersky Endpoint Security

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