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A liver transplant is normally reserved as a treatment preference for people who've complications due to end-level liver diseases. Contact Dr. Vivek Vij Fortis Hospital Noida to ensure you stay an extended, effective life after your liver transplant. He is considered one of the most respected liver transplant surgeons in India, as he possesses 17+ years of outstanding knowledge in performing successful liver transplantation throughout India. Contact Dr. Vivek Vij Fortis Hospital Noida care isn't one-size-fits-all. He provides personalized patient care, with his team to meet all of your needs and all aspects of care. Forerunners Healthcare Consultant – a medical company in India guides you with the latest adjustments made within the healthcare zone.

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Dr. Vivek Vij Email Address: Dr. Vivek Vij Contact Number: +91 - 9371136499

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