Experience User-Friendly Data Analytics and Visualization With Tableau

Need a BI tool that supports exceptional data analysis and visualization? With Tableau, complex data sets can be transformed into meaningful visuals, aiding in decision-making. Its user-friendly interface empowers even non-technical users to explore data and gain insights. Developers from the right Tableau consulting company can build and connect dashboards with various data sources, thereby facilitating real-time analysis and agile responses.

KScan - Fin Analytics

Built over 3 years by a 100-member team, KScan offers comprehensive due diligence solution that helps sole proprietors, firms, HUFs, companies to minimize risks and make the most informed business decisions. This award-winning solution automates lead generation, financial due diligence , advanced defaulter screening, related party analysis and transaction/portfolio monitoring.

Banking API Providers

Karza : The financial multiverse is lagging behind in the race to ditch paper. That’s because banks face a unique and distinct challenge: from in-branch applications for accounts, loans and other services, to cheques and monthly payments, a significant part of their day-to-day operations remains mired in paper and manual, tedious processes.

Aadhar Card, PAN Card Verification API | Video KYC, GST Verification API India | Karza

Karza Technologies is a one-stop shop, providing solutions for all transactions that expose your company to counter-party risk. Our APIs enable leaders to make instant informed decisions with highest accuracy at every customer touch-point. Enabling comprehensive appraisal of a business and providing the most advanced way to verify, audit and review third parties with Aadhar card, PAN Card, GST and Video KYC verification APIs. Explore our path-breaking ways to practice prudence!

Security Guard Patrol System

Guard monitoring is an essential aspect, just like timekeeping, scheduling duties, and prepping when running a private security service. Now you can make your job easy by streamlining your work with a security guard monitoring system. Learn what this monitoring system, security guard patrol system, and more through our informative blog.