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MCQ Academy, is an online MCQ based educational platform, provides different question sets of exam for you to learn and practice Aptitude questions with an explanation for competitive examination, interview and entrance test.

We believe our vast collection of multiple choice questions will help students & the people who are trying to upgrade IQ knowledge.  In MCQ Academy you are able to browse questions by different topics. Questions are currently available in both Bangla and English language.

Features & Services at MCQ Academy

MCQ Academy is a completely free online educational platform to browse, learn and test your IQ knowledge Multiple choice questions are available in both Bangla & English Students are able to browse and learn multiple choice questions by topics Students are able to test IQ skill by topics MCQ Academy offers registration on the website to create a profile page for the student. Currently, the profile page shows the contribution and the information of the profile page owner. By register, any student can contribute multiple choice question. MCQ Academy remains the right to review, edit, publish or delete any questions to make the educational platform clean and trustable place.

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