Build a Custom WordPress User Flow — Part 1: Replace the Login Page

In this three-part tutorial series, I will show you how to fix this by customizing the login and new user registration functionality to fit your site's looks, without violating WordPress's best practices.

- Create the Plugin - Create the Custom Pages For Login - Add Content to the Login Page - Step 1: Create the Shortcode - Step 2: Add Contents to the HTML Template - Redirect the Visitor to Login Page - Step 1: Redirect the User to Our Login Page - Step 2: Redirect When There Are Errors - Step 3: Render Error Messages - Step 4: Show Correct Message at Logout


Why Web Design Important For Your Website

Become a memberSign inGet startedWhy Web Design Important For Your Website?Richa VermaFollowFeb 3 · 3 min read

Every about your website from content and images on it to the way it looks and works — is determined by the web design. It is a process in which a designer conceptualizes, plans, and code to build a collection of electronics files that determines a website’s layout, colors, theme, style, graphics, and so on.


resume templates best

A resume is a single-page description of your personality, skills, qualifications, and work experience. Getting a good job in an industry you desire is hinged on the quality of your resume. Many people find it difficult to write a winning resume because of the limited knowledge they have. For others, the ability to put the best points that will impress employers in a single page document is the ch