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An Introduction To Deluxe Facial- Know in detail

The deluxe facial is one of the best facial treatments specially tailored to the beauteous factors of facial skin and designed to help the facial skin hydrate. It also helps the skin lift. As a result, you will get a brighter, smoother, glowing, scar and wrinkle-free face. The face will be younger and visibly plummy. Various kinds of mixtures are prepared for deluxe facials where blueberry scrub is best for all.

Facial and Waxing Treatment and Their Benefits

No matter whatever your age or gender, your body's most attractive part is your skin. If you want your skin to make rejuvenated, revived and clean, you need to go for facial treatment, as well as waxing. Facial waxing is also a part of improvising facial beauty and the glow of the skin. It not…

Why Waxing Is So Popular Among Women- 5 Exclusive Benefits

Women like to have a clean shave on all parts of the body to get a smooth and gleaming figure all around. From face to toe, they like to clean the entire body and want to keep their hair clean. After waxing, they can go forth with fashion and passion. They can dress as they want, whether it is short or long. Glamour knows no bound. To get waxing in Glenroy, you need to contact the top beauty centre in your locality.

What is Microdermabrasion Facial? – Know in Short

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive skin treatment procedure, which is used to renew the skin tone and texture. It helps improve the damaged skin from the sun, wrinkled face, frown lines, acne spots, age marks, melasma and scarring and other skin-related concerns. If you want Microdermabrasion facial in Craigieburn, you can contact the best skin and hair care centre near you.

A simple Guide to Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatment is known to make the skin more permeable to certain cosmetic creams as the impurities in the skin are exfoliated and removed. Then again, it is crucial to consult with a specialist before taking on this procedure as it may not be suitable for skins suffering from certain inflammatory conditions.

Microdermabrasion: A Brief Guide

Microdermabrasion is a highly effective advanced process of exfoliating the skin, reducing signs of aging and restoring a glowing appearance. This treatment is perfectly suitable for all types of skin and provides the best results when performed by a professional. Even though there are at-home Microdermabrasion kits available on the market, there are still certain…

Getting the Best Results in Manicure SNS - A Short Guide

If you want to look beautiful then relying on manicure and SNS manicure would be an effective option. SNS is a good nail dipping system designed to accentuate your natural fingernails. Primarily, a light gel base is painted over the bare nail and is followed by dipping the nail into a special coloured powder. The powder can strengthen the natural nail and prevent the chances of further breakage.

Looking for a refreshing and rejuvenating beauty treatment

Vi's Hair & Beauty specialises in professional waxing and facial treatments in and across Bromeadow, Glenroy & Craigieburn. We do full legs/arms wax, full face wax, eyebrow wax, full Brazilian wax (for women) and upper lip and chin wax. Plus we also specialise in deluxe facial, Advance facial, Microdermabration facial treatments. CALL US to know more!

Spa Pedicure Craigieburn Manicure and SNS Glenroy

Vi's Hair & Beauty specialises in professional spa pedicure, manicure & SNS (Signature Nail System) all across Bromeadow, Glenroy & Craigieburn. Each of our nail technicians is technically and artistically proficient in a wide range of pedicure and manicure treatments. To know more about our Pedi/mani & SNS services, CALL US today!