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TeleNeurology Services Benefits Uses Future

Teleneurology is a branch of telemedicine that focuses on providing neurological care remotely. Imagine it as a way to consult with a neurologist without actually being in the same room. Consultations typically happen through a secure teleneurology platform. Patients and providers can connect using a computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

99214 CPT Code in 2024 (All You Need to Know)

With the advancements in healthcare billing practices, understanding the nuances of CPT codes is vital for doctors to provide accurate documentation and reimbursement. One code that is frequently used in the healthcare and medical industry is the Master 99214 CPT code, which represents an important identifier for evaluation and management services.

White-Label Telemedicine Software Providers | Best Telehealth Platforms | VCDoctor

VCDoctor, the Best Telemedicine software for Physicians covers all aspects of patient-doctor communication appointment booking, secure chat, HD video calls and group conferences, payment collection, data exchange, patient monitoring and more. HIPAA-compliant ONE-TO-ONE and group video, instant messaging with your branding, and patient automation & engagement tools. Available on any device or browser. EMR integrations and real-time analytics.

Telemedicine Endocrinology: Benefits & Challenges

If you are an endocrinologist in the USA or anywhere else, we are sure your patients too complain of the limited consultation time. But it’s a challenge that is hard to overcome in traditional healthcare. Today, the rise of telemedicine in endocrinology is changing things for the better.

ABDM Compliant Telehealth Solutions

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is a Government of India initiative. It aims to bring reliable digital healthcare services to 1.5 billion Indians. These services include telemedicine, EHR, and a range of easy-to-use digital health tools for providers and patients.

Best Patient Portal Development

Patient portal apps serve as a means for patients to access medical information, including laboratory results and updates to their profiles. These platforms offer insights into various data points such as laboratory reports, medical notes, clinical history summaries, discharge summaries, and prescriptions.

Best Patient Portal Development, Features and Cost | VCDoctor

Patients have lots of questions, and doctors can’t always answer them all. Some questions come up during appointments, while others pop into your head later. These can be worrying or stressful. But what if there was a way for patients to get answers and chat with providers in real-time, either by text or video?… Ever heard of a patient portal software before?

Gastroenterology Telehealth Appointments| VCDoctor

Give proficient and advantageous consideration to the patients who need it most. Whether it’s standard development or tending to a critical need, telehealth for gastroenterology permits outstandingly productive subsequent arrangements, while keeping up with the eye-to-eye cooperation of an in-office visit.

Wearable Technology in Healthcare | VCDoctor

Wearable health technology refers to IoT solutions that combine software, hardware, and app development. In the healthcare industry, these devices are usually worn by patients on their wrists or hands to monitor patient’s health. Wearable technology rely on biosensors to collect all information from the patient, like their blood pressure, heart rate, activities, and sleeping patterns.

ERP System in Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide

Shifts in technology have accelerated working in the healthcare industry. Technology like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is introduced to remove the shaft from the different channels and work seamlessly.

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