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Unleashing the Magic of Decorative Tiles: Elevate Your Home with Style and Value - Urban Edge Ceramics

Explore the magic of Decorative Tiles and their popularity, inherent attractiveness, and value they bring. With endless possibilities for creativity, decorative tiles allow you to customize your space with patterns, colours, and textures. Investing in decorative tiles enhances your home's value and adds a touch of luxury. Turn your area into a visual masterpiece. For more details, visit our showroom in Richmond, Melbourne.

Understanding Silica in Tiles: Risks and Precautions for Tilers - Urban Edge Ceramics

This article from Urban Edge Ceramics provides information on the risks associated with silica exposure in tile installation and provides precautions that tilers can avoid. Also, it includes the properties of silica and its potential women's health hazards, as well as the safety measures that should be used to protect tile installers. If you're a tiler or in the construction industry, this article will provide valuable insights into the dangers of silica and how to stay safe on the job. Click here to read more...

Unleash Your Creativity-Transform Your Home with the Charm of Handmade Tiles

For centuries, handmade tiles have served as a functional and decorative building material. Employing conventional methods and materials, each tile boasts its distinctiveness and provides a personalized touch to any area. Whether utilized as a kitchen splashback or a bathroom embellishment, handmade tiles can lend a sense of gracefulness and appeal to any household. This informative Q&A blog will delve into the realm of handmade tiles, discussing their advantages and offering suggestions for integrating them into your home.

Choose Handmade Look Tiles for Your Next Project

Bring artisanal character to your walls and floors with perfectly imperfect handmade look ceramic and porcelain tiles. Featuring uneven surface texture and stunning colour variation, these unique tiles simulate the one-of-a-kind beauty of handmade tiles.

Handmade look tiles are made from quality ceramics and porcelain in a large variety of colours, size options and finishes.

We recommend speaking to a tile professional to learn more about handmade look tiles for your next project.

How to Choose the Right Indoor Tiles for Your Home

Choosing the ideal indoor tiles for your home can be challenging. As they usually cover a full floor or wall area, the aesthetic of your indoor room is completely transformed by your colour and style choice. When buying tiles, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Quality - you want your tiles to last Material, thickness and size - will they stand up to the area's demands Design, texture and pattern - ensure a fit with the overall aesthetic Natural light - consider the effect of natural light on the appearance Maintenance - what is needed to care for your tiles

Ask our experts at Urban Edge Ceramics to help you select the right tiles for your needs. Visit our showroom in Richmond, Melbourne.

Adding a Touch of Class with Stone Look Tiles

Say goodbye to dull and drab. Our stone look floor and wall tiles showcase the natural splendour and unique qualities of stone in a contemporary way. These gorgeous tiles will transform any space into a chic and classic atmosphere.

With our porcelain stone-look tiles, the perfect blend of elegance and functionality is within reach through a variety of new design options. Transform your residential or commercial space with a 3-dimensional stone look that will add an original and eye-catching touch to any interior.

Transform your residential or commercial space with a 3-dimensional stone look that will add an original and eye-catching touch to any interior. Explore these popular tiles at Urban Edge Ceramics.

Low-Maintenance Benefits of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

When it comes to beautiful interior materials for your dream home, stylish looks often come hand-in-hand with high-maintenance care. However, with ceramic tiles, infinite design possibilities are matched by performance and functionality, including low-maintenance, cost-saving benefits.

Ceramic tiles are bacteria-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant helping to maintain a flawless appearance and making cleaning as simple as sweeping and wiping with water. Speak to our tile experts at Urban Edge Ceramics to see how ceramic tiles can transform your home.

Tile Trends Style Textured Hexagon Tiles

Geometric shapes such as hexagon tiles can create a stunning, modern look for any space. With a variety of sizes, materials, and styles, you can up the stakes with textured hexagon tiles to create a unique, true designer feel.

Hexagon floor tiles and other geometric shapes can also be patterned - prints on porcelain or ceramic tile - mixed and matched, or applied in a patterned layout to create something truly unique. Install them on any floor or wall in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, entrance way, or even larger rooms like bedrooms. Visit our website or store at Urban Edge Ceramics to explore the creative possibilities of geometric tiles.

Brick Style Tiles to Enhance The Look of Your Home

If you want to design your home with a rustic, industrial, vintage or Hampton's white design, consider the ever popular brick style floor or wall tiles. These specially designed porcelain or ceramic tiles, in a range of colours and styles, are made to simulate a true-to-life look of brick with none of the drawbacks of maintaining real brick.

Moisture resistant brick look tiles can be used indoor and outdoor. Think beyond traditional brick wall & floor tiles and consider splashbacks, counters or a feature wall to give your home a new and refreshing look. Reach out or visit our Melbourne-based showroom at Urban Edge Ceramics to see why brick tiles are one of the most popular trends in tiles.