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Statistics Of Illinois Pick4 Lottery

The Lottery Lab is proud to bring you game statistics to make your winning game stronger. We’ll help you gain insight into the patterns and frequency of the past numbers that appeared in official drawings. Take a closer look at the most common numbers, the most overdue and those drawn the least. You can also see which pairs and triplets have been most commonly drawn together for your selected game.

MultiState Lucky For Life- Prizes Payouts Chart - thelotterylabcom

Lucky For Life has updated its drawings from every Monday and Thursday to every day. The increased number of drawings will help the lottery players to bet on their favorite numbers every day thereby increasing your possibility to win the lottery prizes. Read MultiState Lucky For Life Prizes and Payouts chart to know the odds and how much you can win in this lottery game.

Georgia Cash 4 Prizes and Payouts Chart at Thelotterylab

Cash 4 is one of the states of Georgia's most popular lotteries. The game's draws are held three times a week, seven days a week, increasing your chances of winning every day. Your increased chances of winning are accompanied by some exciting odds of winning, which are 1 in 10000, which is pretty fair in terms of the game's $5000 jackpot. To record your win, you must select the desired numbers, wager amount, and play types, which determine the number of your winnings. You can play Multi Draws for up to 7 consecutive draws to increase your chances of winning if you want to play more than one Cash 4 draw. Read the Georgia Cash 4 Prizes and Payouts chart to know the odds and how much you can win in this lottery game.

How to Play Texas Pick 3 - The Lottery Lab

Fireball is a feature offered by Texas Pick 3. Pick 3 draws three numbers for the Fireball feature and you can use any of the three drawn numbers to replace your number and make a combination to win the Fireball prize-winning combination. Get to know all about how to play Texas Pick 3 game and all related info.

How to Play Delaware Multi-Win Lotto

To play Multi-Win Lotto, you have to pick 6 numbers from 1 to 35. Allowing multiple ways to win, each ticket carries three lines of numbers and you can win by matching the draw numbers in one line or over multiple lines. Get to know all about how to play the Delaware Multi-Win Lotto State Jackpot game and all related info.

Indiana Quick Draw- Prizes and Payouts Chart

Read Indiana Quick Draw Prizes and Payouts chart to know the odds and how much you can win in this lottery game. With this instant fun game, you have the opportunity to hit the jackpot worth $2,000,000! You just need to fill the Playslip according to the wager you choose. And mark any numbers between 1 to 28. For more, visit us today!

Tennessee Cash 4- Prizes Payouts Chart

Cash 4 is highly popular among Tennesseans for its exciting payouts of just $1. The drawings for the game are held thrice every day except for Sunday’s, only the Evening draws are held for all seven days of the week, thereby offering you multiple chances to bag the Tennessee Cash 4 lottery prizes. Read the Tennessee Cash 4 Prizes and Payouts chart to know the odds and how much you can win in this lottery game.

Louisiana Pick 4- Prizes and Payouts Chart

The Louisiana Pick 4 drawings are held each day at 9:59 P.M. offering you great odds and increases your chances of winning. Pick 4 is a daily draw game that provides you with various ways of winning to bag a jackpot prize of $5000 by just investing $1. To mark your win, you just need to select 4 numbers from a pool of 0 to 9, along with a wager and bet type of your choice. If your selected lottery numbers match the winning numbers of the draw according to your wager, you bag the jackpot. The game also lets you play up to 14 consecutive future draws in advance by marking the Multi-Draw option on your playslip. You also have the chance to play a future draw in the next six days to increase your chances of winning by just asking for Advance Play.

Read the Louisiana Pick 4 Prizes and Payouts chart to know the odds and how much you can win in this lottery game

7 Things To Do If You Win The Lottery!

There are some things you need to be sure of if you hit a jackpot. First thing, find out if you actually hold a winning ticket. Always double-check the numbers and dates on your lottery ticket. In case you missed the lottery draw on the television, it would be smart to check the results on more than one source. Do not destroy the ticket unless you’re sure that your ticket is a loser.

Know How To Claim Your Winnings For Lotteries in Kentucky

Once you confirm that you are a winner, Congratulations!! But remember, in Kentucky winners must be 18 years or older. Check the anonymity policy of your state below to see what information they will make public. Also, some states permit lotteries to be claimed by groups, while others have special rules for lottery pools. If you are part of a lottery pool, the name that you sign on your winning ticket should take these rules into consideration.

What happens after winning a lottery in Kentucky? You want to claim your lottery winnings, but how to do that? Read about ‘how to claim winnings’ hassle-free.

View Past Results of California SuperLotto Plus

The results are arranged according to the years. You can also view full prize breakdowns for all drawings for different lotteries from their respective start year. Full prize breakdowns show how many winners were in each prize division and whether or not there was a winner for a respective jackpot draw. To see the winning numbers from the most recent winning numbers for a specific lottery, just select the state and lottery name. Find out more information on the past results of California SuperLotto Plus or use the dropdown menu to see results from another year.