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Selection of site and equipment when building an organic fertilizer plant

Choice of organic fertilizer equipment: 1. Determine the size of the organic fertilizer equipment: such as how many tons per year, or how many tons per hour, to determine the price.​​​​ 2. Determine the shape of the particles, that is, what kind of granulator to choose: powder, column, oblate or standard circle. Commonly used organic fertilizer granulation equipment are: disc granulator, rotary drum granulator, wet granulator, double roller granulator, flat die granulator, ring film granulator.


How to choose the granulator equipment in the organic fertilizer production line

The npk fertilizer production line mainly includes feeder, disc mixer, chain crusher, drum granulator, drum dryer, drum cooler, drum screener, finished product warehouse, automatic packaging machine, belt conveyor machine, dust settling chamber, heat exchanger. Choose a suitable organic fertilizer granulator according to specific process requirements. There are many types of granulators, such as roller extrusion granulator, disc granulator, drum granulator, etc.


Two In One NPK Organic Fertilizer Granulator

We Are the Professional New Type Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator Manufacturer in China.Organic Fertilizer Combination Granulator,Compound Fertilizer Combination Granulator.the combined type granulator machine is a new patented fertilizer granulator developed by our company and the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute.