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Wearable Testing Services and Solutions Provider - Sigma Solve Inc

Sigma Solve provides comprehensive wearable testing services to ensure the performance, and functionality of your wearable devices and apps to deliver engaging user experience. With our in-depth understanding of wearable technology and extensive testing capabilities, we help you identify and address potential issues, validate compatibility, and deliver a seamless and engaging user experience.

Intelligent Testing Automation for Salesforce Services

Sigma Solve offers Intelligent Testing and Automation for Salesforce services using advanced automation techniques and tools to streamline and optimize your Salesforce testing processes. With Sigma Solve, you can ensure the reliability, scalability, and performance of your Salesforce applications while reducing testing efforts and time-to-market.

Real World RPA Applications for Business Transformation Across Sectors - Sigma Solve Inc

RPA is the most critical technology that delivers unmatched efficiency, cost-efficiency, and accuracy to transform industries into a powerhouse of automation to bring real comfort to humans. Manufacturing, healthcare, retail, finance, customer care, real estate, telecom, banking, insurance, defense—you name it, and you will see RPA quickly revolutionizing business processes through automation. Businesses can leverage AI with RPA to detect suspected transactions to monitor, detect, and prevent fraud.

Compatibility Testing Services Provider- Sigma Solve Inc

At Sigma Solve, we specialize in Compatibility Testing Services to ensure the seamless performance of your digital solutions across multiple platforms, devices, and browsers. We have an extensive experience and expertise in providing comprehensive testing services. Our expert team meticulously tests your software to identify any compatibility issues and provide actionable recommendations for optimal cross-platform functionality.

Quality Engineering Consulting Services - Sigma Solve Inc

Sigma Solve specializes in Quality Engineering Consulting, empowering businesses to achieve exceptional quality standards in their digital solutions. We have proven expertise in Quality Engineering Consulting and have strong track record of successful quality assurance implementations. We provide customized digital assurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

A Step Towards Modernization: Cloud Adoption and Migration Journey - Sigma Solve Inc

Cloud migration is a journey of relocating digital assets of businesses from in-house IT infrastructure to cloud-based IT infrastructure. Cloud migration does face challenges, but to term them as risky is an exaggeration. These challenges can easily be overcome with in-depth consultation with cloud consulting service providers. Cloud consulting service providers play a pivotal role in how businesses revolutionize processes, optimize operations, enhance security, and grow sustainably in a highly competitive digital environment.

Functional Testing Services Company - Sigma Solve Inc

Sigma Solve provides comprehensive testing services by adopting structured approach to ensure flawless functionality of your software solutions. Our dedicated team of experienced QA engineers meticulously tests your applications against functional requirements, identifying defects and ensuring that all features and functionalities work as intended.

Sigma Solve provides Custom CRM solutions to Nationwide Logistics

Nationwide Logistics faced challenges with off-the-shelf CRM solutions that lacked customization options to meet their specific needs. Sigma Solve partnered with Nationwide Logistics to develop a customized CRM solution that enhances their operations, management, and transparency. Our end-to-end solution includes features such as New Quote, New Order, and Leads.

Sigma Solve provides enterprise solutions to Fresh Meal Plan

Fresh Meal Plan contacted the Sigma Solve team to build fully functional multiple products ordering process, and utilize Cart2cart and scripts notifications to boost sales and reduce customer attrition. We utilize a range of tools and frameworks to create powerful mobile app, and enterprise solutions. Sigma Solve designed an app that enables users to order meals and manage their accounts directly to avoid meal prep altogether.

Sigma Solve provide Digital Commerce Solutions to Plumbing Supply Now

Plumbing Supply Now contacted the Sigma Solve team for creating custom shipping solutions, data migration problems and complexity in versions migration to deliver the best service to their customers. We utilize a range of tools and frameworks to create powerful eCommerce solutions. We provide custom shipping solution to enhance the functionality and performance of the system.

From Complexity to Clarity: Transforming Logistics Businesses with A Customized CRM - Sigma Solve Inc

At Sigma Solve, we strongly recommend embracing innovations that raise productivity levels and streamline and automate business processes. The custom logistics CRM is designed to reduce lead-to-order time, speed up end-to-end communication, eliminate inadvertent delays, and improve visibility along with customer experiences. Custom Logistics CRM by Sigma Solve is a logistics innovation that streamlines logistics workflows, automates processes, reduces costs, and improves ROI.

Sigma Solve Provides ERP Software Solutions to e-Emphasys

With the help of Sigma Solve team, e-Emphasys has now fully implemented an optimized e-portal that meets the needs of their staff and client. We utilize a range of tools and frameworks to create powerful ERP software solutions. We provide offering seamless integration to streamline operations and enhance collaboration with our SaaS-based solution.

Sigma Solve Build CMS System with eCommerce for TACO Marine

TACO Marine contacted the Sigma Solve team to build a CMS system with eCommerce that could accommodate dealers, distributors, and end-users into one single system to deliver the best service to their customers. Sigma Solve develop a nopCommerce website with both eCommerce and CMS functionality for TACO Metals, so Taco Marine can distribute the products to distributors on a wholesale basis for reselling and consumers at a regular price.

Sigma Solve Provides Digital Commerce Solutions to Streamsong Resort

Sigma Solve provides ecommerce solutions to Streamsong resort by creating interactive user-interface. We utilize a range of tools and frameworks to create powerful digital commerce solutions. With a brand-approved look and feel, the ordering process is smooth and fully functional to take in multiple products. There is an ability to make custom products, and reduced spam and bot users.