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Healthcare App Development Strategies Features

Healthcare app development involves a set of complex requirements including an interactive UI/UX and compliance with standard regulations like HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, etc. The game-changing features to include in your healthcare app are live video streaming, EMR/EHR integration, integration with wearables & medical devices, wireless internet access, etc.


Insights on healthcare app development Tips you must consider

While developing healthcare app, you must consider your target audience, the interface of the app and how to deal with the complications. You must think about the privacy factor, as the information entered by customers in the app should remain confidential. Till now 30k healthcare apps are present worldwide, hence it’s time to be on your toes while developing healthcare app to achieve a competitive edge in the market.


Top 8 mental health apps for everyday use

Thousands of mental health apps are available in the market. The growing awareness regarding mental health, self-management, and ease of healthcare application development are some of the reasons behind this escalated growth. A list of mental health apps that can be used to track mental well-being on daily basis has been provided. These apps provide activities, guidance, and tasks for the self-management of mental well-being.


Reasons to opt for React Native App Development

React Native app development is a perfect pick for developing mobile apps. Some of the key offerings of this outstanding framework include a component-based structure, hot reloading & live reloading, an easy learning curve, flexibility, progressive nature, strong community backup, support for numerous third-party APIs & plugins, and the ability to build performant and speedy apps with a rich UI/UX.


Competent Healthcare App Development Company

Biz4Solutions is a leading healthcare app development company known for smartening medical services with new-age solutions. We build revolutionary apps that cater to all sub-domains of the healthcare sector including telemedicine, EHR/EMR integration, pharmacy, remote care, and emergency services.


The future of blockchain in the grocery industry

The use of Blockchain and Blockchain apps for the grocery industry is the new revolution. With the advent of Blockchain, the grocery industry has been able to solve many problems like supply chain management, and network issues, with improved transparency, on-time deliveries and regulated supplies. There is a great potential in Blockchain to develop the grocery industry for better or worse. Though there are some grey areas in its application worldwide in this sector, its great future cannot be ruled out.


Benefits of React Native Development Mistakes to avoid

React native app development comes with loads of benefits like an easy learning curve, high code reusability, rich UI/UX design, modular architecture, declarative coding style, easy app installation process, cross-platform compatibility, pre-built components, third-party plugins, “hot reload” feature, etc. However, developers should avoid mistakes like improper image optimization, wrong Redux Store planning, forgetting to delete console log statements, inaccurate project estimation, not verifying external module codes, not considering unit testing, etc.


The Amazing Potential of Gamification in Healthcare

Gamification in Healthcare has far-reaching benefits that you have ever imagined. It is the process of introducing gaming elements in health apps that motivate patients to achieve their healthcare goals, adhere to fitness/medication regimes, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Gaming also introduces a fun element and helps users to enjoy otherwise mundane health activities.


React Native Development outsmarts Hybrid Development Why

React Native app development outshines hybrid app development in several ways. Hybrid app development lags behind due to limitations like below-average UI/UX, unsatisfactory performance, debugging issues, and upgradation woes. Contrarily, React Native development comes with benefits like high code reusability, native-like features, ready-to-use components, third-party plugins, compelling UI, and strong community support.