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Understanding Parental Control - A BirdsEye View

Although the jargon of parental controls might be intimidating at first, knowing these words is crucial to protecting your kids online. Parental control software gives parents the ability to strike a balance between letting their kids use the internet for exploration and shielding them from its possible risks.

Social Media Sexting - How Parents Can Protect Their Kids?

Social media sexting might be a part of children’s daily life. Most parents are unaware of the tech-trends and how they may affect the life of an innocent child. That’s why it is important to be vigilant and teach digital literacy to your children. You can try different ways to prevent your child from getting into things they will regret later but you can’t refrain your child from using a smartphone.

Video Gaming Addiction - A Comprehensive Guide

Gaming addiction or gaming disorder has become a havoc for the little ones.This addiction where spoiling mental health also spoiling their physical health.Parents need to take action over this problem as if it prolongs it causes serious health issues including change in the brain structure. So to avoid all these unchangeable consequences it’s better to take precautions.

Kids Version of YouTube & Facebook Every Parent Must Know

No social media app is safe from online breaches these days. However, kids’ versions of some popular social media apps can protect your child from getting caught in danger. If you want to create a safer YouTube and Facebook experience for your kid, kids’ version of YouTube and Facebook is for you. Install them to ensure your child’s security before it’s too late.

Introduction to PegSpy - An Android Parental Control App

PegSpy is a powerful parental control tool designed to help parents have more control over their children in the digital era.It offers features like content screening, screen time management, real-time location tracking, and social media monitoring.PegSpy is used by parents of various tech backgrounds due to its cross-device interoperability and user-friendly interface. It provides a balance between allowing children to explore the digital world and ensuring safety.

5 Worst Social Media Apps for Kids

To wrap up, you cannot keep your child from the growing technology and social media. Unchecked use of social media sites poses serious threats to your child. Harmful content and child predators may damage your child emotionally and psychologically.

What is FOMO? Here is How to Monitor Kids’ Online Habits

Understanding FOMO and how it affects children is the first step towards effectively monitoring and managing their online behaviors.You can help your children navigate the digital world confidently and ethically by encouraging open communication, setting boundaries, educating them about FOMO, using parental control software, supporting offline activities, and being a positive role mode

Family Screen Time Rules You Should Set Now - PegSpy

Remember to tailor these rules to your child’s age, maturity, and particular needs. Open communication is essential; discuss these rules with your child, explain why they are in place, and be open to modify them as your child grows and their needs change.The idea is not to completely limit screen time, but to develop a healthy and balanced strategy that benefits your child’s overall well-being.