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Why you should consider redesigning your mobile app?

The design of a mobile application is the first and foremost thing that will catch a user's eye. If it is not attractive and user-friendly, chances are that they will move towards other options. So, if you are still thinking whether you should redesign your mobile app or not, take a look at the below points to know why you should consider redesigning your mobile app.

Drupal 8.6 – The 5 new features added to Drupal 8

The Drupal community has released the major update to Drupal 8 - Drupal 8.6. It is one of the most significant updates to Drupal 8 so far. From easier installation to more stable upgrades for the technical teams, to improved user experience for marketing and content editor teams - Drupal 8.6 promises to focus on enhancing the user experience.

SASS – CSS with superpowers

SASS is one of the best innovations in web designing. It has come as a blessing for the web designers and has revolutionized the field of web designing. Get a sneak peek of the basics of this CSS with superpowers here.

All you need to know about Google's Core Search Algorithm Update

From last few decades, Google has become more attentive and cautious in showing relevant search results to the users. It has been rolling out several small and big updates now and then to improve the efficiency of the search results and provide the users with the exact results for what they are searching. One such major update known as Core Search Algorithm Update was rolled out by Google on August 1, 2018.