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Naturism and Driving the Crimson Wave Naked:

The Diva Cup Reviewed By Felicity:

Diva Cup - This place is for girls, particularly people who like to go bare! Men, if period-discussion makes you uneasy, then keep reading ;)

Well I came across a little menstruation (Yeah it is like 6th grade health class all over again) product awhile back called the Diva Cup. I was definitely interested to try it, so when I saw it on

Skinny Dipping and Swimming Naked

Skinny Dipping - Few things include the feeling of liberty and delight like naked swimming, or skinny dipping. Folks have been swimming naked provided that there have been people. While in the ancient past, nude was the only way to go swimming, in modern times, it's considerably less acceptable to be naked. Nevertheless, people still swim in the nude.

Despite the fact that one must be

Unclothed Swimming at the Breathtaking Potter's Falls, Ithaca

Guest Site by: Steve & Susanne, leaders of FKK Upstate NY

Discover Ithaca's beautiful Nude Swimming Hole - Potter's Falls

Potter's Falls! It's part of the heavily wooded Six Mile Creek stream and reservoir system which supply water for the city of Ithaca. Since Potter's Falls seems to get so much attention, FKK Upstate NY decided to find just how naturist-friendly Pot

Nude Canadian Activist -

Bare Activist - In the last two years, Brian Coldin of Ontario, Canada, was charged on 5 separate occurrences in which he was nude or partially naked in public. The most notable event occurred at a fast-food drive thru when Brian and two other guys drove up naked to the window. Afterward, to the female workers' shock and dismay, they pretended to search for their wallets.

He unsucces

What does this say about AANR's pick to host their recent AANR-East convention there? Some might argue that th

I talked to many people before composing this piece. During the course of my investigation I recalled a story that one friend had told me a couple of months past. She said that while seeing an AANR club (in the ability of her AANR position) she decided to take a walk on one of the trails through the woods. As she was walking alone, she happened upon a small group who determined it was an excellent