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How Does Magento 2 Payment Plugins Work

Magento 2 is a popular e-commerce platform with a range of payment options. Sellers can either use built-in payment methods or enhance their online store with Magento 2 payment plugins. Magento 2 payment plugins work for multi-vendor marketplaces that can add their stores to popular payment service providers. These marketplace payment plugin add-ons make it easy to handle split payments.

Develop an Audio Streaming App By Mobikul

If you’re looking to get into the audio streaming space, developing an app for Smart TV is a great way to do it. People are using their Smart TV applications to listen to music or any other form of content. Mobikul can help you create an audio streaming application for your desired TV platform, and you can be successful in achieving your goals.

How Does Work Vue Storefront With Odoo Development

Vue Storefront is an open-source e-commerce front-end framework that is integrated with Odoo development. With Vue Storefront Odoo development, you can break away from the monolithic architecture and create an e-commerce frontend freely. When it combines Vue storefront and Odoo, it provides a highly customizable, responsive, and fast user interface and manages inventory management, order processing, and customer data

Simplify The Booking Payment With Car Rental App

A car rental app has the best booking and payment process for your customers. You can use it for clear and simple language, icons, and buttons to guide users via the booking process. Integrate your secure payment gateways to enable users to make online payments directly within the app. The car rental app offers multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards, and digital wallets to make it easier for users.

Reasons Why Vue Storefront Headless Development Improves Your Business

The demand for Vue storefronts rises day by day because they offer flexibility, scalability, performance improvements, and a better user experience for your e-commerce business. With Vue storefront headless development, you can improve your business to meet the demands of the modern digital commerce landscape and stay competitive in the long term. Vue Storefront saves you time and effort compared to building a front-end, allowing your development team to focus on customization and feature development.

Why Do People Need Smart TV Application

There are many reasons for the need for smart TV app development, including the increasing popularity of streaming services, the development of connected TV platforms, and the desire for more personalized content experiences. People want to watch TV for entertainment, information, and connectivity through smart TV applications. That's why Mobikul provides smart TV application development and it can help you bring an audio streaming application to your desired TV platform

Features Of Smart TV Application Development

Smart TV applications offer the best user experience to engage and enable users to access web content seamlessly on their TV screens. Smart TV application development has many features, such as UI/UX design, Live streaming app development, video-on-demand app development, and smart TV app support and maintenance.

How to Boost Business Performance With Vue Storefront Headless Development

Vue Storefront is a powerful open-source framework for building PWAs designed for e-commerce. To boost your business performance with Vue storefront headless development Create a seamless and efficient shopping experience for your customers Having a Vue storefront is a must. Vue storefront provides a flexible theme that enables your storefront to match your brand identity.

How To Blockchain Create A New NFT Marketplace Solution

Different essential technical and high-level components are implemented to create a new NFT marketplace solution. Such as defining the purpose of building the NFT marketplace whether it's for art, collectibles, virtual real estate, gaming items, or other digital assets. You can choose the blockchain of anyone who is supported by NFT and knows the technical capabilities and limitations of your chosen blockchain. NFT marketplace solution should be developed as a user-friendly by which creators to mint new NFTs easily.

A Unique NFT Marketplace Creator - Webkul

Webkul offers a wide range of NFT marketplace creators in a specific manner, allowing your digital business to be future-ready. This NFT platform consists of a challenging type of software. That's why Webkul is the best NFT marketplace creator. If you want to develop any clone platform, with the help of Webkul's NFT Marketplace Creator, you can set up a marketplace.

Hire Adobe Commerce Magento Developers On Demand

Adobe Commerce developers have skilled knowledge in developing of marketplace web development. They have a deep understanding of Magento versions, proficiency in PHP, MySQL, and front-end technologies, and any other relevant qualifications. You can hire Adobe Commerce developers for Developing unique and customized Magento solutions for every client requirement.