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Why influencer marketing is getting bigger in the domain of Paid Advertising - Qanda

"Influencer marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years when it comes to Paid Advertising. Although the concept of Influencer marketing has been in the public minds for quite a lot of time, it is in digital marketing that its importance is paramount.

In online advertising, the brand usually engages a famous celeb to become its brand ambassador and then through their social media accounts sent out specially curated ads in the form of testimonials or tweets and even pics of them using the product. This is definitely an effective way of garnering attention in the masses as the stars have a big fan following and this surely might result in more conversions. Also holding live discussions on the platform of the intended audience with the stars might give a big boost to the advertising campaign. - For more info visit -"

What are Carousel Ads - Qanda

"Carousel Ads are an important part of Paid Advertising. These ads appear as the ads that can be swiped and enable a user to view multiple images or videos that form a single part of an ad. Benefits include:-

You can advertise multiple products and offerings through a single Carousel ad. Further, this enables the advertiser to display a whole lot of information about the offerings. And the overall cost of using A Carousel ad is cheaper by at least 20% when compared with other ad types. - For more info visit -"

What all to avoid when using owned media - Qanda

Although owned media may hold a great sway over the masses yet certain times you might dig your own grave if you commit simple errors. These errors at all cost must be avoided to ensure smooth conduct of advertising campaign. Some of the commonly occurring errors are:-

At times owned media publications in the form of blogs, articles, whitepapers tend to be too technical in nature thereby leaving the vast majority of population uncertain as to what was communicated. Also at times the article etc are too product centric making it boring to read. And company should never brag about itself on the owned media outlets as it may attract negative publicity. - For more info visit -

Who is a publisher in digital marketing - Qanda

"The publisher in digital marketing is a person or a company who’s in charge of connecting the advertiser’s product to the end user. They are the traffic provider. Publishers are the ones who are responsible for the ad’s promotion and they look in for top quality offers. They trust the advertisers in delivering the best product possible for having a fair monetization rate for their traffic. There are different types of media buyers, who buy their traffic on ad networks, who have their own organic traffic from web pages, webmasters, and social marketers. - For more info visit -