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Everything about RCCB – Residual Current Circuit Breaker

MEBA is a reliable and highly renowned ELCB residual current circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier. Get high quality ELCB at Meba Electric Co.,Ltd with affordable prices. Our RCCB Residual Current Circuit Breaker is a special sort of safety device which is mostly utilized in electrical installations. We are committed to engineer and deliver the highest performed equipment where as offering a large quantities accessories to fit different site’s specifications.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Explained

A moulded case circuit breaker is a special kind of device that protects the electrical circuit from excessive current and having such conditions of short circuit issues. It can easily hold the current up to 2500A and has adjustable trip settings. You can get leading MCCB manufacturer at MEBA.

All About the Basics and Components of Contactor

MEBA Air conditioner contactor is widely used by many industries. These devices are electrical components that you can find in multiple parts of your air conditioner. These contactors help to distribute power to the system as well as control the run of electricity to one of your air conditioner’s components. MEBA is a reputed online store that provides the highest standard of contactors at the best pricing range.

3 Phase KWh Meter Din Rail

We ensure that you can get the best quality of Din rail kwh meters at the best prices. All these products are useful in monitoring energy consumption in distribution boards and cabinets with warranty. MEBA is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Socket Mounted KWh Meter

MEBA socket mounted kwh meter are designed with employing cutting edge technologies such as microelectronic techniques, specialized large-scale IC, digital sampling and processing technology and SMT technique etc. Our latest technology based socket mounted kwh meters are widely used able to indoors or outdoors by the users. Get the best deal at Meba Electric Co., Ltd.

Digital Watt Hour Meter

MEBA is a leading KWH meter base manufacturer and supplier that offer the highest range of meter base online as per customer’s needs. Our KWH meter base is an amazing enclosure that safeguards an electric meter from different elements, keeping wires and electrical connections dry.

Power Inverter

You can choose the appropriate inverters by reading our product description. All our products are made of highly advanced technology and ensure durability. Get your affordable products at Meba Electric. We are a leading power inverter manufacturer in China, supplying the best quality power inverter as per the client's needs.

Full Sine Wave Inverte

MEBA MS series inverter is a line of pure sine wave inverters. These are specifically designed for different applications,backup, including mobile, and off-grid applications. Inverters are divided into solar inverters, coal-fired inverters, wind energy inverters, and nuclear energy inverters according to different power sources. According to different uses, they are divided into independent control inverters and grid-connected inverters.

Thermal Over Relay

MEBA offers a broad range of thermal overload relay across the globe. Backed by a wealth of experience, our experts produce superior quality thermal overload relay to meet client’s needs. Our top quality relays can able to safeguard the motor or other load from harm if a short circuit or overload or phase failure. These can effectively make up a compact starting key together with contactors. You can have single mounting kits and wire reset for remote control for exact uses.

Timer Relay

Meba Electric offers wide variety of timer relays online. The timer relay consists of an electromechanical output relay and a control circuit. The key objective of it is to control relays with a time delay built in and control an event based on time. The contacts can open or close before or after some time delay. Customers can purchase our high-quality products in a cost-effective way.

Surge Protective Device

Meba Electric Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of surge protectors to choose from online. MEBA surge protective device is an excellent device that is intended for protecting the electrical devices from voltage spikes and defending against transient surge circumstances.

Solid State Relay

Meba Electric offers high quality Solid State Relays at affordable prices, you can purchase them online. Our Solid State Relays offer comprehensive electrical isolation between their input and output contacts. They have high resistance when non-conducting and low resistance when conducting. Simply SSR is a non-contact switch with the combination of microelectronic circuits, discrete electronic devices, and power electronic power devices.

Electrical Appliances

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of highly designed top quality electrical appliances. Meba Electric Co., Ltd is one of the leading reputable companies that meet the expectation of its esteemed clients by providing premium quality electrical appliances.