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Icing Sugar | Consumer & Food

M. B. Sugars provides wholesale and bulk icing sugar supply at competitive sugar paste prices. Our icing sugar is typically kneaded until it is extremely silky and malleable to give cakes of any color a smooth, flawless finish.

It is also used as a design material to create elegant borders, flowers, draperies, and ribbons on cakes and pastries, as well as to prepare fondant, mousses, and chocolat


MB Sugars Finest Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturers in India

We at MB Sugars strive to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products to the pharmaceutical industry around the world while maintaining integrity and industry standards.

We sell large amounts of pharma-grade sugar to industrial clients in the pharmaceutical sectors, improving the tastes, textures, and appearance of the products. As a leading pharma-grade sugar manufacturer in India, we prioritize quality, prompt delivery, a fair price over time, and client satisfaction.


Purchase MB Sugars White Crystals Free Flow Breakfast Sugar

Enjoy natural and healthier sweetness with "Breakfast Sugar” by MB Sugars. Take the guilt-free route to sweeten up your food or drinks, beverages, and sweets, with Breakfast Sugar.

The ultimate symbol of good health and social standing. Its distinguishing characteristics include refined sparkling white crystals, free flow, and international quality standards.


MB Sugars One of The Major Manufacturers and Distributors of Pharma-grade Sugar

One of India's top Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturers, MB Sugars, is proud of its reputation. We provide a variety of excipients, including non-parcel seeds, mannitol, sucrose, and other excipients.

We are among the top producers, suppliers, exporters, and distributors of pharma-grade sugar in the world.

Because of the competence of our personnel, we have been able to successfully satisfy the various expectations of our clients.


MB Sugars A Well-known Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturer in India

MB Sugars offers premium quality pharma-grade sugar products for the pharmaceutical industry. We offer mannitol, sucrose, non-pariel seeds, and other excipients which are commonly used in syrups, pills, tablets, and other pharmaceutical dry blends.

MB Sugars. is delighted to be one of the best pharma-grade sugar manufacturers in India, with over two decades of expertise. Over time, we have come to value not only quality, prompt delivery, and reasonable price, but also client happiness.


Get Sugar Globules at Best Price in India

Being a leading Sugar Globules Manufacturer in Maharashtra, MB Sugars provides the finest Sugar Globules available. They are made from high-quality materials. Our Sugar Spheres are completely safe because they are made and prepared in a hygienic atmosphere. Sugar Spheres of this caliber are available in a variety of mesh sizes and flavors to match the demands of customers. Being a Sugar Globules supplier, we assure you that the highest quality Sugar Globules are available from us.


Tartaric Acid Pellets Purpose Characteristics Applications and Benefits

Tartaric acid, polyols, lactose-starch, lactose-cellulose, and other pellet materials are used in the pharmaceutical sector.

All of these pellets appear to be neutral and do not affect pharmacological properties. The tartaric acid pellet is an exception (TAP). TAPs aid in the breakdown of weakly basic medicines by creating a localized acidic environment.

To learn more about the properties and applications of tartaric acid pallets in the pharmaceutical sector, see the link below.


In Search of Bulk Supplier of Mannitol for Pharmaceuticals

Mannose, a sugar, is converted into mannitol, which is classified as a sugar alcohol. Xylitol and sorbitol are two other well-known polyols.

Because of its physical properties, Mannitol by MB Sugars is utilized as a bulking agent in tablet manufacturing and filler for tablets and capsules.

With over two decades of expertise, we guarantee to supply high-quality items at a reasonable price. In processing items, we keep in mind the industry's worldwide quality standards and maintain sanitation throughout the process.


India’s Largest MCC Spheres Manufacturers MB Sugars

MB Sugars is India's leading manufacturer and supplier of MCC Spheres. MCC Spheres are manufactured by us and used in the pharmaceutical sector to fill empty capsules and press tablets.

MCC Spheres made of microcrystalline cellulose are a versatile product that can aid in extrusion, thickening, compression, anti-caking, and stability. It can help with float, allowing compositions to easily travel through your pill-filling machine.


MB Sugars offers the Highest Grade Sucrose at the Most Competitive Price

MB Sugar is a manufacturer of high-quality sucrose products in India. Our experts meticulously treat the supplied reagent sucrose to guarantee that it is pure, dry, crystalline, and has the right texture for use in analytical preparations in laboratories where purity is required. We are one of the most reputable saccharose producers, distributors, and suppliers.

MB Sugar provides these goods to customers in a variety of specifications based on their needs.


Make your Morning More Sweet with MB Sugars Double Refined Sugar

MB Sugar Double Refined Sugar Sachets contain sugar that has been refined twice. It's an unequaled combination of purity, cleanliness, and comfort. It melts faster and is simpler to transport than normal sugar. Modern sugar is refined by extracting sugarcane juice and refining it into pure white crystals.

Additionally, because the whole manufacturing process is hands-free, our sugar is 100% pure, hygienic, and compliant with international standards.


In Search of a Wide Range Supplier of Sugar Spheres

Sugar spheres by MB Sugars are frequently used as an excipient for sustained-release pellets, and this opens up a wide range of potential applications.

These excipients, a multiparticle, solid form of medicine, are almost spherical. The firm gelatine capsules offer an oral drug delivery system that enables the patient-friendly formulation of powders and granules.

Our sugar spheres give the best mixing and flow behavior for medications since they let you combine partial quantities that look different from one another.


Looking for India’s Largest Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturers

MB Sugars is committed to providing a varied assortment of pharma grade sugar to meet our clients' ever-changing demands. Our sucrose, mannitol and non pariel-seeds are commonly used in syrups, pills, tablets, and other pharmaceutical dry blends.

As a leading pharma-grade sugar manufacturer, we supply significant quantities to industrial clients in the pharmaceutical sectors worldwide, increasing the tastes, properties, and aesthetics of the products.


Buy High Mechanical Strength MCC Spheres

Low friability and solubility increase stacking and yield, while the high hardness of the core makes MB Sugars MCC Spheres an ideal carrier for subsequent tableting. They have great mechanical strength and low friability, making them suitable for coating processes.

Our MCC spheres are Neutral Spheres for sugar-free goods that are highly flexible since it is odorless and tasteless. These are manufactured using MCC that has been verified and clean water.


Sugar Spheres - A Major Excipient in Formulation of Sustained-release Pellets

MB Sugars is the leading supplier of neutral pellets, also known as sugar spheres, which are utilized as the inner core of capsules and tablets. Sugar Spheres are created from the natural and neutral ingredients sucrose and cornstarch.

It is available in US DMF, 50 kg HDPE Drums with food-grade poly liner inside, and meets IH regulations. We serve each of our customers with respect and pride, which allows us to enhance our products.


MB Sugars - Stevilite Natural Sweetener Manufacturer Supplier in India

M. B. Sugars' Stevilite is a natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant. Our organic Stevilite Natural Sweetener is a 100% natural sweetener with no additives that are perfect for use in homes, cafés, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, clubs, businesses, and airlines, among other places.

It has shown potential health advantages as a sugar replacement / natural sweetener for patients with diabetes and weight loss. It is completely natural and sugar-free, and it is recommended for use in sweetening, cooking, boiling, and baking.


India’s Most Trusted Sugar Spheres Manufacturers MB Sugars

Pharmaceutical firms are increasingly using multi-particulate drug delivery technologies to increase clinical efficacy. As a beginning substrate, sugar spheres provide a dependable platform for drug loading.

MB Sugars's Sugar Spheres are homogenous drug layering pellets composed of sucrose and starch that are suitable for sustained or extended-release dosage forms. Sublets are appropriate for drug-loading applications due to their low friability, constant sphericity, tight particle size control, and great batch-to-batch homogeneity.