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Join our online diversity and inclusion training

Join our special online diversity and inclusion training program that embraces the gamification of principles for the workplace by creating a fun experience that motivates employees to compete while acquiring knowledge of diversity and inclusion. Become part of our online diversity and inclusion training courses today.


Best equality and diversity e-learning programmes

Looking for the best equality and diversity e-learning programmes for your employees? Symmetra offers courses on building a culture of inclusion and diversity by focusing on shared values, experiences, and aspirations. You learn equity values and inclusive solutions in training programmes and welcome a diversified approach in the workplace and society. Visit the official website to know more!


Why Is Unconscious Bias Training Important

A diversity and inclusion strategy must begin with understanding the realities of unconscious bias to formulate strategies and interventions that can offset key risks and vulnerabilities. Through comprehensive strategies, we can reduce the likelihood of impulsive or automatic reactions and learned behaviours. Conscious evolutions, in turn, involve a more active scanning of every aspect of our relationships, perceptions and interactions.


Learn about our diversity consultant fees

Diversity and inclusion consultants help organisations develop a diverse and inclusive working environment for employees. These experts help businesses, executives, and HR professionals mitigate unconscious bias in the workplace by facilitating equity values and inclusive solutions to promote a diverse and inclusive approach in the workplace with diversity consultants.


Symmetra - Diversity and Inclusion Management

With diversity and inclusion management, your team can learn to be more innovative and productive. Symmetra has helped many businesses unlock the true potential of diversity in their workplace. We have worked with trusted global brands including Unilever, VISA, ARUP and CSIRO. Head to our website to learn more.


Diversity Training – Lighting the Way Forward as an Imperative to Success

Wherever you are in the world today diversity training companies need to focus on real and relevant issues. Local perspectives and challenges must be the focus of attention. Whilst there are commonalities, it is also important to look at area specific dynamics linked to the make up of the workforce in each specific area or community. The range of people present is an important consideration and must be factored in at all times. Diversity training in Melbourne is not exactly the same as diversity training in Sydney or for that matter diversity training in Brisbane, Melbourne.


Online Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and management training courses help leaders and managers hone their leading skills.

These intricately planned out courses aim to offer an extensive range of development opportunities, including leadership skills, communication skills, better project management, effectively managing consumers, and performing in diverse teams.


Harnessing Complimentary Technology to Strengthen Equality and Diversity Learning

We used to say a picture paints a thousand words. With equality and diversity E-learning we are able to stimulate a thousand new thoughts. It has the capacity to take us beyond a single picture to a new level of appreciation and expansion in our thinking and wisdom. Art and science combine to shine a light on what is often challenging to articulate potently in other learning settings.


Symmetra - Join Unconscious Bias Elearning

If you are looking for unconscious bias elearning and diversity and inclusion elearning opportunities visit Our online diversity, inclusion and equality training is gamified for maximum engagement, scalable and sustainable and full of finger on the pulse, practical content built by experts. It is fully customizable and can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Find Anti Harassment Training Online by Experts

Bullying, harassment, and discrimination negatively affects workplace culture and diversity. With online anti-harassment training run by professionals, you can prevent workplace misconduct and boost employees’ morale effectively. We offer a comprehensive service to ensure your organisation is taking all necessary precautions to prevent inappropriate behaviour and is prepared to manage all issues.


Understanding Unconscious Bias Why You Need Professional Help

Unconscious bias is amongst the biggest barriers to sound and effective decision making in organisations. Executives, managers, supervisors, recruitment officers and anyone making material decisions which can impact the organisation should have professional training on the nature of unconscious bias and also learn techniques to counteract it. Professional agencies offer unconscious bias training that can help team members to avoid some of the most destructive types of unconscious bias and make more appropriate decisions.


Professional support for inclusion diversity training in Sydney

Diversity and Inclusion are two components which play an important role in maintaining a healthy environment. In a given workspace, diversity refers to the range of characteristics and traits of different team members. Inclusion describes a strategy and behavioural norms which make employees feel that they are valued, that they belong and that they are free to express their opinions and disagreements without fear of reprisal.

Symmetra has a wealth of experience in assisting companies inside Australia and globally which either are at the beginning of the D & I journey or who have already started and want to step up to the next level.