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5 Security Tips to protect your PHP website from Intruders

Since PHP is widely used and popular, PHP security is crucial and the number of vulnerable PHP applications is large. PHP is as secure as any other programming language. According to research, it helps to power more than 70% of the global web applications by making it one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world. Many PHP web apps share parts of scripts with other web applications. If the shared piece of code is found to be vulnerable, all the web applications that are using it, also become vulnerable.

Offshore Software Development: The Full Guide For CEOs

Today’s software development market is over-saturated. Most of IT and software providers are located in Western Europe and the USA. The development costs are continually increasing, industry competition is becoming more challenging, and the talent is getting scarcer. While offshore software development has become a magic wand for many businesses in western countries, many entrepreneurs are still unfamiliar with what “offshore outsourcing” really means.

Offshore Software Development Market Size 2021 – Application Trends Growth Opportunities and Worldwide Forecast to 20

Global Offshore Software Development Market Report is a systematically conducted exhaustive study of the worldwide Offshore Software Development industry. The aim of the Global Offshore Software Development Market report is to assist novice as well as seeded players in gaining astute Global Offshore Software Development and make apt decisions based on it.

Offshoring vs Onshoring Which One Will Beat Your Competitors in the Economy War

Whether you are a tech company or not, there are semantics differences among offshoring, nearshoring, and onshoring that you should know; the difference among each term describes a critical element of your competitive strategy, especially when it comes to building software.

The business world has witnessed several success tales of large tech companies that have put trust in outsourcing as the most desirable strategy to increase business growth and secure consistency across business processes. p

Mobile phone data for informing public health actions across the COVID-19 pandemic life cycle

The coronavirus 2019–2020 pandemic (COVID-19) poses unprecedented challenges for governments and societies around the world ( 1 ). Nonpharmaceutical interventions have proven to be critical for delaying and containing the COVID-19 pandemic ( 2 – 6 ). These include testing and tracing, bans on large gatherings, nonessential business and school and university closures, international and domestic mobility restrictions and physical isolation, and total lockdowns of regions and countries. Decision-making and evaluation or such interventions during all stages of the pandemic life cycle require specific, reliable, and timely data not only about infections but also about human behavior, especially mobility and physical copresence. We argue that mobile phone data, when used properly and carefully, represents a critical arsenal of tools for supporting public health actions across early-, middle-, and late-stage phases of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seminal work on human mobility has shown that aggregate and (pseudo-)anonymized mobile phone data can assist the modeling of the geographical spread of epidemics ( 7 – 11 ). Thus, researchers and governments have started to collaborate with private companies, most notably mobile network operators and location intelligence companies, to estimate the effectiveness of control measures in a number of countries, including Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States ( 12 – 21 ).

There is, however, little coordination or information exchange between these national or even regional initiatives ( 22 ). Although ad hoc mechanisms leveraging mobile phone data can be effectively (but not easily) developed at the local or national level, regional or even global collaborations seem to be much more difficult given the number of actors, the range of interests and priorities, the variety of legislations concerned, and the need to protect civil liberties. The global scale and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the need for a more harmonized or coordinated approach.

In the …

Every E-commerce Store Would Have These Premium Shopify Stores

Can we take a second to acknowledge the fact that online business is considered as one of the most profitable ventures – all thanks to opportunities in the e-commerce realm? As a result, more and more companies are found taking advantage of several platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify and so more. While conducting any