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GM Weighing Module GML-DHH4ZS-M

This weighing module with GML-DHH4ZS canister load cell has the material option of alloy steel and stainless steel. It is compact and easy to install. The weighing capacity is from 10000kg to 50000kg, which is usually used for floor scale, truck scale, railway scale, silo scale, and tank scale. It can fulfill a wide range of industries that require accurate measurements, avoiding product waste and saving costs.

Load Cell Junction Box GM-JX-M

GM-JX-M is a four-wire load cell junction box. In addition to regulating the wiring function, it can compensate for and correct the scale's four-angle deviation by adjusting the resistance value of the precision potentiometer. On some special weighing occasions, when the angle deviation is too large to affect the measurement results, this junction box can effectively solve the problem.

Weighing Controller M04 Parameter Setting for Packing Process

Hi, welcome to General Measure's channel. In this video, we will demonstrate the M04 packing process simulation in the hopper mode.

There are 5 steps for packing simulation:

1. Calibration of weighing indicator

2. Select the scale mode

3. I/O definition

4. Set the formula parameters

5. Simulation packing process

Calibration of weighing indicator

After the calibration of the weighing indicator(refer to the M04 calibration video)

Select the scale mode

Press【M】to enter the parameter list, select the working parameters

Press【Enter】, find the scale structure, select the hopper packing. Working mode and feeding mode are chosen according to the application. Other parameters remain at the default value. Then press【ESC】to return to the previous menu page.

I/O definition

Select the I/O in the menu parameter list.

When selecting the scale mode, the I/O is automatically set to correspond to the chosen scale.

Press【Enter】to check the definition of the I/O ports.

Normally, we use outputs as running, stopping, fast feeding, medium feeding, slow feeding, clamp bag, fixed value, etc.

Inputs as start, emergency stop, zeroing, clear alarm, clamp or loosen bags, etc.

In general, the I/O set by the system is enough to use. But if we want to use other inputs or outputs, they can also be set. Then press【ESC】to return to the previous menu.

Set the formula parameters

Select the recipe parameters in the menu parameter list

There are 20 formulas can be set. The user can change it according to the application requirements.

Press【1】. The formula number modification box pops up. You can enter 1-20 to modify the formula. Here, we select formula 1 and press【Enter】to check and set the parameters under formula 1.

We set the target value of 5kg, 3kg of fast feeding, 1kg of medium feeding, 0.5kg of dropout value, 0.02kg of zero zone value. These parameters can determine the open size of the feeding mechanism. For specific instructions, please refer to the manual (16 pages). The corresponding time of the operations in the process can be set under the dosing timer parameter. Here, we keep the default parameters. For other parameters such as over- or under-weight, drop correction, clap the bag, and so on, please check the manual (page 17). Then press【ESC】to return to the previous menu. The packing parameters are all set.

Back to the main page, we can see the current formula, target value, total accumulative weight, total times, etc.

We can also press【ENTER】to choose and set the different working parameters by pressing the corresponding numeric keys.

Simulation packing process

Now, we carry out the packing simulation of M04.

The first step: start signal input is valid, wait for the feeding delay, output feeding signal, at this time the scale starts feeding.

The second step is the feeding process according to the set value, through fast, medium, and slow feeding. When the current weight ≥(equal or over) target value -(minus) fall value (5.0

Packing Controller M04 Calibration

Weighing Controller M04 stainless steel version is a multi-software functional weighing instrument with packing, bulking(continuous weighing), and liquid filling applications. The full stainless steel out-case is robust and durable.


GMC-X3 is a loss-in-weight controller for high-precision continuous dosing applications. It can be applied to the liquid/powder/granule/flake dry bulk materials, providing the function of accurate and stable feeding, reducing material waste, and improving the consistency of the complex material. GMC-X3 is mainly used in the chemical industry, plastics, rare earth smelting, and other industries.