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How To Clean An AC Unit At Home

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to clean your air conditioner is to use a steamer. Steam will loosen up all the build up dirt in the ac system without damaging any of its parts. You can also use steam on the ac coils and other gentle parts of the air conditioner.


What preventive maintenance is required for hvac

Generally speaking, preventive maintenance helps ensure that the warm or cold air pumping through your is as clean as possible to breathe. Usually, a trained professional HVAC technician will come to your house to do maintenance checking. He will be looking for several things:

Checking refrigerant charge and inspect for leaks Cleaning and straightening condenser coils to ensure proper air flow Checking gas connection for gas leaks Checking if the gas pressure is set to a proper amount Checking for dust mites and mold Tightening all electrical connections Lubricating all moving parts Replacing worn pulleys Testing thermostat to make sure it turns the system functioning is set to turn on and off properly Clearing drain pans of any standing water to avoid overflow Checking whether the air filters need a cleaning or replacement Many homeowners will have to be required to have their heating and cooling system checked to maintain the warranty on their air conditioner.


The supreme ozone generators for cars Fortador

Odor Stop ozone generators This professional unit ranges from 900-12500 square footage that it can cover. It can be used for cars as well as homes and is our personal favorite. We like to use the Volt Mini steam cleaner to take out all the stains and smells and finish the detailing process with this machine. Easy to use, all you have to do is plug it in and set the timer. This ozone generator is great for deodorizing and sanitizing small to medium space. It has a compact, high quality aluminum housing, only weighs 2 lbs, has a 2 hour timer with a hold option, high output ozone plates, and a replaceable filter. The ozone generator comes ready to use with no assembly required.


How can I clean the house with the basic checklist

If you work as a house cleaner or run a business surrounding the house cleaning services, it is important to be organized in order to be a successful business owner. Keeping a house cleaning checklist can be helpful to deliver quality cleaning every single time. Cleaning checklists help cleaners to stay consistent with their work from job to job. This also allows you to show your customers the professionalism of your services or company. A to do list allows to have a cleaners checklist game plan before the job, making it easier to avoid any mistakes.


How to disinfect your house after the flu

To prevent more viruses and bacteria from growing, it is crucial to disinfect your home after being sick. If you or your family member gets sick during the flu season, it is very easy to avert spreading the sickness by learning a few cleaning tips.

The task of disinfecting requires a few different cleaners than regular cleaning products you use for clean ups. Fortunately, in this article we will talk about what supplies you need to use to disinfect your home after the flu or other virus, and how to use them.


What is the best way to clean Mirrors Without Streaking

Having cleaning mirrors is important for every household as it adds the illusion of a bigger space and people always like to look at themselves. In this guide, we will show you how to clean a mirror with a steam cleaner, and the right cleaning solution that you can make at your own house or buy it.

The market is full of cleaning solutions, ranging in prices and purposes of cleaning. However, you do not always need to spend a lot of money when you can make your own solution that works just as good as the one you bought at the store. Here are a few of mirror cleaning solutions that you can make with things that you already own.


How to Clean Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils Fortador

During a hot summer you heavily rely on the air conditioning system. The cleaner the air conditioning coils are, the more efficiently the air conditioners work. This is why it is important to clean air conditioner coils. Not cleaning ac coils leads to you and your loved ones breathing dirty air inside of your home. This can lead to you getting sick more often.

Cleaning ac coils doesn't only improve the air you are breathing, but also prolongs the durability and improves the efficiency of the air conditioner. If you take good care of the ac coils, this will save you a lot of money on repair costs. In this article, you will learn different types and parts of the air conditioning system as well as how to clean air conditioner coils.


How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains Easily Fortador

There are two types of carpets, synthetic carpets and carpets made out of natural fibers. Different combinations of ingredients work better with the two types of carpets. To spot clean synthetic carpet stains, you will need to dip a white cloth into the DIY carpet cleaning solution and apply it to the stains. Never try to pour the solution directly onto the carpet stain. For carpets with natural fibers, you should use a spray bottle to mist the stain remover onto the stains.


How to Deep Cleaning Every Room in Your House

Deep house cleaning needs to be done even in the cleanest homes. It is important to occasionally clean all the little crevices and spots of your beautiful home in order to maintain its beauty. Maintaining a clean environment for yourself and your loved ones is crucial for safety, children play, and living. House cleaning services can cost a lot of money and sometimes the results of hiring someone doesn't meet the desired cleanliness level. Luckily, it is easy to do all the cleaning yourself if you are willing to put in the time.


How to Make House Cleaning Faster Fortador

Are you feeling overwhelmed when cleaning your house? There are many ways to clean a house. Some like to start dusting everything first, then vacuum, then mop. Some people skip on the dusting completely and have a robot vacuum pick up dirt from the ground. No matter what type of tools you use to clean a house, we all know it can be tedious.


How To Restore Black Rubber Trim On Car Restoring Auto Trim

Nothing destroys a look of a nicely detailed car more than faded plastic trim pieces. Faded black trim affects the overall visual of a car drastically, making it look older and less pristine than it is. No matter how good you wash the exterior of your vehicle, the grey tone of your exterior plastic will keep you car from looking brand new and clean.


What Does A Steam Cleaner Do Why Do You Need A Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning is one of the easiest and safest ways to perform a deep clean on a car, home, office, and more. Steam is able to combat the toughest grime like mold, stains, and even bug infestation. You don't need any toxic and harsh chemicals in order to steam clean since steam is powerful enough get rid off all the dirt by itself!


How To Remove Dry Tree Sap From Your Car

There are many different kinds of sap out there, but nonetheless they are all damaging to your car, so taking precautions like trimming trees on your property regularly or not parking close to trees if you live in an apartment building. Fresh sap is easiest to remove because it has not yet glued to the paint and can be washed off quicker.


Best Commercial Steam Cleaners for Home And Business Use

Cleaning floors can be a tedious job for many people. Sweep, vacuum, mop, repeat every week. You might think that a regular mop on the hardwood floors is enough to keep your house clean. However, the vapor form of water, or steam, with options gaining popularity for your everyday needs. Let me introduce you to commercial grade steam cleaners and steam mops.


Cargo Slider - An Indispensable Piece Of Equipment For A Mobile Car Cleaning Company

The cargo slide truck bed tray is a movable toolbox that enables loading, emptying, and storing your supplies and gear in a simple, safe, and quick manner. Hence, this would facilitate you not to jump to the bottom of your vehicle to get your belongings.

The tray slides out and out effortlessly on heavy-duty hinges driven by a single-handed lock, allowing you to collect your supplies and equipment easily. It is the most rugged and long-lasting bed slide in the industry. The truck bed slides are made of thick strength, powder-coated American metal and commercial quality marine hardwood (covered with a polymer top sheet) to withstand the rigors of the job site and the climate.