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Professional Engineer Hybrid Seal Embosser

Our Professional Engineer Hybrid Seal Embosser features a clear indication when the impression is made properly as you will hear it "CLICK" and positioning marks will help you with perfect impression alignment. The significant force reduction of this hybrid seal press enables the creation of a detailed impression with minimal effort. This hybrid embosser has the portability of a pocket embosser and the ease of embossing of a desk model. Get now!


File with Envelope Slim Pre-Inked Stamp

In many company offices, employees need to deal with a huge amount of paperwork. Some items should be filed while others should be organized but all need to be entered into the office system. Our File with Envelope Slim Pre-Inked Stamp offers a simple way to mark files, folders, and other documents that need to be filed and processed before other work can be done. This pre-inked stamp has a bold font and a small icon of a file folder and will fit into any office that does regular filing. It is small but will make thousands of impressions before you would need to add refill ink. Get now!


Professional Seal and Stamps - Professional Stamps

Our Professional Seals and Stamps are perfect for adding an official seal to documents in the office. At ESS, we provide a variety of stamps and seals for land surveyors, architects, engineers, geologists, interior designers, and those in similar professions. These seals and stamps are made to meet your state's requirements and show off your qualifications. Available as both electronic and physical versions, we also offer various customizable seals and stamps to meet your needs if something special is required for your documents. Check it out now!


Requirements for Nebraska Land Surveyor Seals

Once you are found to be eligible to be issued a Nebraska land surveyor stamp, the board will provide you with one; this is the only body approved to do so. It should feature your name on it as well as “Registered Land Surveyor”. As soon as you receive it, you can begin using it to stamp reports, plans and field notes that were created by a land surveyor. Read more now!


Returned Not Paid Large Self-Inking Stamp

Our Returned Not Paid Large Self-Inking Stamp is an ideal resource for the accounting and billing departments to update the most recent status on checks or invoices that could not be processed due to non-payment or insufficient funds. This self-inking stamp displays the "Returned Not Paid" message in a clear and professional manner, allowing your staff to quickly stamp multiple legal, financial and miscellaneous files in a timely fashion.


Large Media Mail Rubber Stamp

By marking with a Large Media Mail Rubber Stamp, you can note which packages are going out as media mail which is essential since it can save money. You can mark educational items, like books, DVDs, and video recordings with this Media Mail stamp so they make it through the postal service at the right rate. It has a clear message that will help workers throughout the mailing process. It is perfect for offices and postal locations.


Super-Fast Shipping - Engineer Seal Stamps

Chances are when you order seals or stamps, you'd prefer to have them delivered to your home quickly. We understand how valuable your time is and do everything in our power to get the products you order to your doorstep as soon as possible. ESS is dedicated to providing you with products that you can immediately use as an architect or engineer. Read more now!


Bold Credit Slim Pre-Inked Stamp

Our Bold Credit Slim Pre-Inked Stamp easily marks invoices and other office papers. This stock stamp is small but will make thousands of impressions before you would need to add refill ink. It is the right choice for the person on the go. It features the Phrase "CREDIT". It is available in 5 different ink colors. Get now!


Confidential Large Self-Inking Stamp

Visibly mark the folder, paperwork, or envelopes with a Large Self-Inking Confidential Stamp which lets everyone know the status and how it should be handled within the department. This self-inking stamp displays the "Confidential" message in a clear and professional manner. The image from this confidential stamp is ideal for applying to sensitive documentation that affects personnel within the company. Get now!


Large Thank You with Smiley Rubber Stamp

Ensure that your customers and clients are happy and feel appreciated by marking paperwork, documents, and other files with a Large Thank You with Smiley Rubber Stamp. This vibrant stamp's marking can show you care about your customers. It features the Phrase "Thank You" with Smiley. It stamps crisp, sharp, and precise images. Buy online now!


Real Estate Appraiser Pink Hybrid Handheld Embosser

Made of high-quality materials and offering a two-year warranty on the seal, this real estate appraiser's pink hybrid handheld embosser could be the perfect addition to an office. This handheld embosser is made of quality materials and precision parts to ensure the best possible impressions each time it is used. Buy now!


How to Pick the Right Engineer Stamp to Use

Engineers use stamps to indicate the level of their qualifications on official documents. A stamp can certify that an engineer is fit to sign and seal plans, drawings and calculations. So, which stamp should you use? This blog post will help you pick the right engineer seal or stamp for your needs. Read now!