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Baby Seater Floor Seats Sofa Seats

Baby seater sofa is designed to support babies who can’t sit. They are made with your toddler's comfort and safety in mind. Baby sofa seats are made with soft fabric & comfy cushions which provide maximum safety & security to your little one.

Password Protected Auto Money Box for Kids

The creative money box shaped like an ATM lets children experience cash withdrawal and deposit experience like a real ATM. The money box toy upgrades old piggy banks that enhance kids money management skills. Kids need to remember the password to get their money in need. The best point is that kids can never break it like the old clay-made money box. The interactive design and soulful music enhance kids' interest in the creative box.

Baby Support Seat Car Shaped

The support seat is made of soft plush material stuffed with PP cotton to keep the child cozy and comfortable. The seat cushion is flexible, and the backside supports the head. Children enjoy sitting in a car-shaped seat, which is 27 x 20 inches in size. Perfect for small children under 3years

Avengers Endgame Simulation Alloy

Want to do the Avengers Action with Super Hero Cars?

The Avengers Endgame Simulation Alloy Cars entertain kids with their high speed and classic look. Designed the same as superhero cars, these cars will fascinate your child and they will want to play with them all day long.

Made from high-quality alloy, the four cars look and feel solid. The spiderman, iron man, Antman and Captain America inspired four dinky cars give your kiddo that heroic feeling of being in the league of superheroes while playing.

Beautiful Rotating Princess

Take Delightfulness To The Next Level With Elsa The Dancing Princess!

Beautiful rotating princess is a toy your child won’t be able to take their eyes off. The dancing movements and the lighting of this toy gives it a unique and appealing look. What adds to the majesty of this toy is the outward projection of the princess’ frock and its rolling back. All these aspects hold the attention of children and are fascinating. What’s more is this toy teaches a child to learn to focus and keeps them entertained for hours.

Electric Stunt Tricycle Toy

It’s time for a fun tricycle ride!

The electric stunt tricycle provides your child something that can make them smile forever! The big-sized lighting wheels are so attractive to look at that a child’s fascinated attention is always captured when the toy lights up. The color scheme and the cool glowing lights are a fun treat to look at - when complemented by a rhyming musical tune. This toy can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can gift it to your child on their birthday, on an event like Eid, or even on a regular day.

Ingenuity Rock N Soothe Sleeper

The lightweight sleeper gives a gentle rocking motion to the baby, effective in sound sleep. Mesh fabric is used to ensure the visibility of the baby while they sleep in it. There is a three-pointer harness to keep the baby secure, and the height is perfect to be kept along the bedside for convenient reach.

Gesture Control RC Stunt Car

Gesture Control RC Stunt Car - it is time to do some awesome stunts!

Energize the excitement in your kids with this Gesture Control RC Stunt Car. Let your kid imagine as if they are doing movie like stunts with this toy - using a sensor controller. If your child is already a fan of fast stunt cars, they will love to play with this car toy for hours. This deformable RC car can move in all directions, do extreme 360-degree whirligig, 4-wheel drive, with 30 meters control distance enables you to play it outdoors with no worry about your cars easily out of your control.

Easy Smart Remote Control: Designed with 2 remote control modes. The air gesture gravity sensing remote control in the watch makes control more convenient and flexible. Also, the Gesture Control RC Stunt Car toy helps build sensory development in children above 6 years of age.

Electric AK47 Toy Gun Long Range Safe Firing for Kids

Guns are kids' favourite toy. The Blaster shooting gun is a toy version of the famous Ak47. It comes in water polo bullets, you only have to add these in water. The toy gun enhances children's motor development and engages them in outdoor activities. Moreover, the blaster gun is the top niche toy for promoting safe outdoor firing games. The water-absorbing beads are smooth and harmless to children's skin. The bullets are 100% safe. The overall quality of the AK47 is excellent and the toy is durable.

Exceed Induction Flight Helicopter

Discover (and saveReach above the ground with Exceed Induction Remote Controlled Flight Helicopter!

The Exceed Induction controlled helicopter is an advanced aircraft toy that lets your child maneuver it in different ways. This helicopter is sure to make your kid go wow as they fly it in the air.

This toy helps boost sensory development in children. Your child will learn to maintain hand-eye coordination while flying this aircraft. Also, the ability to start and move up and down teaches your child how to balance things. !) your own Pins on Pinterest." data-app="true