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What is Low Risk Merchants?

Its essential to understand about your business whether it comes under Low Risk Category before you apply it at the bank for a merchant Account because merchants in our payment processing world are categorized under low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk business categories. There are a number of points or reasons concerning which any business can be classified as Low Risk or high risk or medium risk Business and for an example while reviewing the business it is reviewed that how much risk is involved in the business, what is their risk level, which is the country wherein they got incorporated and their processing history etc.

What is Friendly Fraud (CNP)?

Card not present (CNP) credit and debit card transactions provide the perfect environment for what’s commonly referred to as friendly fraud. A CNP transaction as “a payment card transaction made where the cardholder does not or cannot physically present the card for a merchant’s visual examination at the time that an order is given and payment effected, such as for mail-order transactions by mail or fax, or over the telephone or Internet.” Friendly fraud “ocurs when a consumer makes an online shopping purchase with their own credit card, and then requests a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods or services.“

How To Open Bail Bonds Merchant Accounts Business

Merchant accounts for Bail bonds seem like a Mystery. Many discuss of processing plastic card payments, however it is a riddle to numerous in the business how they do as such securely, and without dread of conclusion. The result is easy: Merchant Stronghold. The bail bonds business is very rigid and tough, not only due to its customers, but also due to its status in the processing business. While many bashful left from this industry, Merchant Stronghold welcomes it with open arms.


Are you running a travel agency and you don’t have a merchant account? You are losing a large portion of your customer base who probably don't purchase your package because of payment method. Are you looking to expand your travel agency by integrating an online payment gateway? Look no further because Merchant Stronghold offers merchant accounts that accept multiple cards. We give business peace of mind by providing high security, quality support, at affordable rates. Any issues regarding payment method will be handled professionally. Your customers will be able to make transactions and purchases just by sitting at home. A secure platform with latest technology will be integrated in your website much faster than you would expect.