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Why Your Small Business Needs A Merchant Account?

You need a merchant account to succeed if you are a small business. Providing multiple payment options to your customers has proven to increases sale and offer a lot more opportunities to a Small Business.Small business credit card processing is all about secure platform for the customers. One of the crucial steps for any business is choosing a merchant account provider.

Startup Survival Guide for New Entrepreneurs

It is important to get guidelines and inspiration from those who have achieved success, but it is not advisable to follow them blindly. It is not a good idea to spend much of your time in reading about successful people rather that time can be utilized in making plans and implementing them practically.

What are High Risk Industries?

A Merchant discovers that his area of business is considered a medium or high risk business when he tries to set up a payment gateway and is rejected in the first go as he is required of a high risk merchant account. It can come as a significant surprise to many of them.

Start Merchant Account for Subscription and Membership

With the increase in technology, internet has become very common thing, and it has opened number of opportunities for business/entrepreneurs. These businesses can be product base as well as information base, out of which most of them provide memberships, which assure its customers exclusive experience. However it is not that easy to make this business enterprise work and even more difficult to make it profitable venture as it is way difficult to collect membership fee from customers online, which is done via credit card mostly.

Payment Gateway Services for Accepting Electronic Payments

The answer for “how to get the access of payment gateway and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover” in simple words is, the business needs to establish a Merchant Account. But, this doesn’t only solution as Merchant Account, is just the service that is provided by the banks that will help to accept the electronic mode of payment. Businesses can choose between the elaborate array of collections banks from across the world have ACH, Check Processing, Credit Card Acceptance, Point of Sale System, etc.

Credit Card Payment Processing Solution for Beauty Product Business

An advance credit card processing solution that comes with high level of security is what every Beauty Products business needs. Efficiency is important when you are running a business, especially when the business is on small scale and you have to struggle a lot to get to the top. The goal of merchant stronghold is to provide you a flexible payment solution with equipment. Electronic payment solution can fulfill most of your needs; you can customize best rate structure that fits your business.

MOTO & E-Commerce Merchant Accounts Types

They are categorized as low-risk business mainly because retail businesses provide high level security to the customer as cardholder is present at the time of purchase. A Consumer can just walk in a store, make a purchase, swipe their credit card and an authorization is obtained. Magnetic strips and now EMV chips are issued on the credit cards.

100% Approved A High Risk Business Merchant Account

Merchant Stronghold, We have been helping merchants with Merchant Account Services for over 4 years. We have online merchant applications with instant approvals. Call a representative today to learn about the dozens of providers that we represent and see what credit card processing company is the best fit for your business. We can compare merchant account rates with you, answer questions about customer service, Interchange rates and more.

About High Risk Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing

All kinds of financial institutions process money. And when it comes to processing money – they are obligated by regulators to classify merchants as low risk, medium risk and high risk merchants. Payment processor will never accept you when they think you process high risk and there are chances that they will lose money. And even if they accept you they will charge very high transaction discount rate. There are few reasons why your business can be considered as a high risk business.

How to face your multiple fraudulent transactions chargeback?

With growth of use of technology, today businesses are collecting the payment of their product or services through card transactions. This method of collecting the payment is one of the easy ways to keep track of the balance of the transactions that a business do in on daily basis.But, this ease has some points where the merchant can do some errors while collecting the payment. One of the errors is multiple high-risk credit card transactions posted by the merchant on single account. This error can be caused by multiple transactions that were performed due to any error be it technical or be it human.

Visa & MasterCard are Safest option for Credit Card Payment Processing

Principal members of Visa, Master card brands are the banks or financial institution that are authorized to acts as “issuing bank” that is they can provide credit cards and can act as “acquirers”, means the financial institution that provide transaction processing services. The principal members are responsible to contact directly to the card brands that is VISA, MasterCard or others and settle the funds of those transactions.

Online Best Credit Card Processing for Marine Services

A good way to sell your services is by using a website for Credit card processing. Merchants can have more than one payment methods. A credit card is quicker and much safer than cash in hand. Money can automatically be send to your bank account. Multiple services can be provided on your website, such as point system or gifts for customers. Your Marine Credit card processing will be a part of a large network. A gateway having PCI compliance to provide you security benefits. We offer a number of options, such as American Express, Visa Card and MasterCard integration. Existing account holder can also get new features.